Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Record Sockeye Salmon Run Confirms End Of Global Warming, Right Mr. Ignatieff...

The biggest problem for those pushing the global warming mantra, is that they try and use weather and events to prove their cause, rather than accept events as a normal ebb and flow in the planets life. Case in point, Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff on last years poor salmon run on the Fraser River:

"We’ve just seen an entire Fraser River sockeye run evaporate. Millions of salmon just didn’t show up. ( sounds like a confidence vote in the House and Liberal MP's)

Ask upstream communities about the consequences. Ask Aboriginal communities. Ask fishers. Experts are already talking about a connection with climate change.We need an urgent, independent public inquiry, using the best ocean and climate scientists to figure out what happened, and how we can to keep it from happening again.

We’ve also seen B.C.’s forest landscape scarred by the Mountain Pine Beetle. We aren’t getting the cold snaps up in the Interior that we’ve had for thousands of years, and it’s killing our forests, leaving us more vulnerable to fires in the summer.

So for British Columbians, climate change is not a distant abstraction. It’s here, and it’s hurting, right now.

Under the Conservative government, we’ve had three plans on climate change, and no action. We’ve wasted nearly four years of vital time."

To be fair, Mr. Ignatieff is not the only person to use this line of attack, enviromentalists are also guilty. Takie biologist Barbara Morton:

"Biologist Alexandra Morton has been working for years to save the salmon. She said that she first got involved in the fight to protect BC's salmon when she realized there was a link between the whales and the salmon disappearing. In an open letter to Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, published in the Pacific Free Press, Morton said

If you are serious reversing climate change you need our salmon to grow the forests that stabilize climate and suck carbon out of the atmosphere. Someone in Ottawa has got to take the loss of this essential living powerhouse seriously.
Wild salmon are food security, a powercord between the open ocean and the Province of BC; they are an economic generator; they belong to the people."

Even the Globe and Mail is onboard:


October 4, 2007

VANCOUVER — Salmon in British Columbia will need human help to adapt to changes being brought on by global warming, but some streams may simply become uninhabitable to the cold-water fish, a government advisory body declared Thursday.

“Big changes are happening, creeping forward inexorably,” Paul LeBlond, chairman of the Pacific Fisheries Resource Conservation Council, said as he released two new reports.

He called on the provincial and federal governments to do more to help salmon survive climate change.

“Our lakes and rivers are warming up. The freshwater flows are changing in rivers. The rain and snowfall patterns are changing. Salmon have to adapt to this. Every one of their life phases is affected,” Mr. LeBlond said.

(John Lehmann/Globe and Mail)

“The adults face warmer rivers when they are swimming upstream. What's comfortable for us for swimming is lethal to the salmon. The fry and the juvenile salmon live in warmer waters and face the direct impact of climate change. They face changing conditions of warming oceans, more acidic oceans, different predators and food shortages. The whole nine yards of problems.”

He described salmon as “a valuable gift from the sea” that need protective action now, not after stocks have collapsed.

Mark Angelo, vice-chairman of the council and an environmental instructor at the B.C. Institute of Technology, said climate-change impacts are different across the wide sweep of the province, but the overall trend is for warmer winters and drier summers. He said that will result in warmer rivers in the summer, affecting migration timing, and winter floods, which will scour spawning beds.

Now I guess these global warming alarmists thought they were safe in using low fish stocks to champion their cause. The problem is many who really are experts said there is a 4 year low stock cycle that appears every number of years. Combine that with this news and I guess global warming really is in the past:

"Massive sockeye salmon run hits Fraser River

Fishermen at the mouth of B.C.'s Fraser River are preparing for one of the biggest runs of sockeye salmon in nearly 100 years, but it's unclear what will happen to all the unexpected fish.

On Tuesday, the Pacific Salmon Commission announced it expects as many as 25 million fish will return to the Fraser this season.

That's the largest return since 1913 and more than double what was forecast just a few weeks ago.

On Tuesday night, fisherman were down on the docks preparing for what may prove to be an epic fishing trip.

Stewart McDonald said he does not plan to sleep for the entire 32-hour stretch.

"It's probably going to be the best fishing of our lives…. They're just coming in on hordes, it's amazing to see," said McDonald.

Phil Eidsvik with the B.C. Fisheries Survival Coalition said it's great news for the industry that works the river mouth south of Vancouver.

"We're not surprised that the run size was increased. We've been seeing lots of fish in the river and very large test sets in Johnstone Strait and we're still hearing reports of sockeye being caught in the Queen Charlotte Islands, on the northern tip, so we expected it to be upgraded," said Eidsvik."


Anonymous said...

NEWS FLASH- record sockeye salmon proof that global warming exists.

ah it doesnt matter what you say to greenies with no brains and politicians with no clue. its all about the money.


bertie said...

Greenies should not be allowed on our streets.Lock them all up.They are worse for this world than the Taliban.They are responsible for all the economic woes in the world.Lock them up until we get all the world out of debt.Yep that,s what we should do.

Anonymous said...

The world is warming though? It is proven. The real question is why? What we see with nature is its way of coping, which we don't understand since we know so little about them. The left have used global warming in order to push for world government run by socialists for which they and their friends will be the masters. I expect they would live quite comfortably in such a world also. Anyone not agreeing with them of course could face any fate, from being shunned and poverty to even being killed. (real conservative)

paulsstuff said...

"The world is warming though? It is proven."

The temperature over the last 7 years has actually dropped 1 degree celcius. I did a thesis on global warming a few years back during a college course. If you look at actual data, not the exaggerated data, it shows warming and cooling eras over history.

Dr. James Hansen, the biggest pusher of the AGW theory, has constantly had to change or retract statements he has made when the facts were shown.

paulsstuff said...

I should mention in the case of the salmon stocks, some experts have pointed to a 4 year cycle of low fish stocks over history, usually followed by record runs.

Anonymous said...

Well said Paul. The "Greenies" sit in a righteous, non-accountable seat. If their doomsday theories are wrong, well that a good thing. And if they happen to be right, then they are right!

I wish all us working stiffs could only be so righteous.

But wait, next year the sky will fall again because the sockeye returns will (inevitibly) be less than this year. Shock! Horror!

That is simply natural cycles, but the greenies will call it Helter Skelter.

Chris Watson

Anonymous said...

It goes to show that fish biologists don't really have a clue about the fish they are paid millions every year to study. Last year they were saying that climate change caused the fish run to fail. This meant that they think climatologists know more about fish than they do. This year the sockeye run is the biggest in 100 years but they are not blaming climate change for it. I can't stand lefties, even the lefty scientists are idiots.

Just give it time, nature will prove them all to be fools.