Thursday, August 19, 2010

Meet The Liberal Hit List (Part 1 Francois Beaudoin )

By Licia Corbella, Calgary Herald July 18, 2009

"But there is another story that got little play by Canada's mostly Liberaladoring media.

What Chretien and his cronies did to Francois Beaudoin when he was president of the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) is a frightening example of abuse of power and process.

Beaudoin was the guy who had the gall to say "no" to Chretien in 1996 and was nearly destroyed as a result. Beaudoin refused to approve a $1.6-million loan to Chretien's associate, Yvon Duhaime, a convicted criminal with a bad credit history and the owner of the Grand-Mere Inn in Chretien's Quebec riding. This is the inn Chretien once co-owned and was adjacent to a golf course Chretien was still owed money for.

Even though Chretien repeatedly denied to the public that he lobbied Beaudoin to give Duhaime a $1.6 million loan, he was later forced to admit that he did. Outraged that he could not control Beaudoin, Chretien appointed two loyal cronies to the BDC--Jean Carle, Chretien's former director of operations became the bank's VP of public affairs, and Michel Vennat was appointed chairman of the BDC.

That's when a $615,000 loan was given to Duhaime, and Beaudoin was given the boot.

But the abuse of power didn't end there. Through leaks and press releases, Vennat and Carle set out to destroy Beaudoin's reputation in what a Quebec judge called a "vendetta" when they accused Beaudoin of "irregularities" and they stripped him of his BDC pension.

Quebec Judge Andre Denis ruled in 2003 that Carle and Vennat's actions against Beaudoin were "an unspeakable injustice" designed to "break him and ruin his career." Beaudoin's home and cottage were searched by BDC lawyers and accountants. Later, Vennat formally requested that the RCMP investigate Beaudoin for "misappropriation" of funds. The RCMP raided Beaudoin's Montreal home and his locker at the Royal Montreal Golf Club. The Prime Minister's Office even tipped off a reporter about the raid on Beaudoin's house BEFORE it happened. Beaudoin, however, was vindicated in court. Denis ruled Carle lied in court and Vennat's testimony was not credible. So, Chretien used the government's deep financial resources, his appointing and police powers to get even with someone who defied him."


Anonymous said...

One of the reasons Quebeckers have not forgiven the Liberals. This story got a lot more play in Quebec, partly because of the two solitudes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, as all of this complaining about Harper's "hit list" came up, I specifically remembered the Business Development Bank episode. What was appalling about this is that it was simply personal greed that was motivating Chretien -- not even any sort of broader principle. I think Chretien's treatment of Beaudoin was one of the most sleezy things he did -- on a long list of sleezy things.

CanadianSense said...

The media did a poor job in rallying behind this civil servant.

Bec said...

Beaudoin, wasn't the only one that was affected by this specific move. A family member that I will not mention,was as well and also ironically deeply affected by someone that headed Dome Petroleum at a particular time that had close ties to these same politicians, ONE in particular. A name that KEEPS COMING UP.....

It's abysmal that the central Canadian media are so pathetic in digging out some disgusting stories, they're there.

They are truly just pencil pushing peons but from that era, there is an epic, 'All the Prime Minister's Men' waiting to be told.....could have been told.....and because of their incestuous affection, will never be told.

That's why the are entitled to their entitlements, it's ingrained and never questioned.