Monday, August 16, 2010

Liberal MP Displays Uncanny Psychic Abilities...

PEI Liberal MP Wayne Easter displays why the nickname "Doorknob" has stuck with him. Easter thinks the PM is targeting his riding. Imagine that. The leader of one party would like to take the seat away from the current incumbent of an opposition party. Shocked I am. Shocked!!!

"The full agenda for Prime Minister Stephen Harper's trip to Prince Edward Island this week hasn't been revealed, but Liberal MP Wayne Easter believes the visit has something to do with him.

Easter, who has represented the largely agricultural riding of Malpeque since 1993, said Harper wants him defeated.

Now correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't Iggy's Cross-Canada Broken Bus Tour stopped at a number of ridings held by Conservative MP's? Odd how CBC never saw fit to run a headline about Iggy targeting a Conservative riding. Easter is as bright as a doorknob and the CBC a sack of hammers.


Anonymous said...

If you were as much a dimbulb as Easter you'd be worried about holding onto your job too. Let's face it, he isn't qualified to do anything else; most other jobs take at least a modicum of intelligence.

Christian Conservative said...

"Doorknob"... LOVE IT!!! LOL

Now that we know that his "plant" at the airport relayed to him false and misleading information about the incident (or, non-incident, as it turned out) with Helena, maybe his consitituants will finally see him as the partisan hack he really is.

Calgary Junkie said...

"Stephen Harper is going to gun for a majority, but just because they target a riding doesn't mean they get it."

Two Freudian slips in one sentence ! Sounds like Easter can't get the upcoming gun registry vote off his mind.

CanadianSense said...

Doorknobs serve a useful purpose and you owe an apology to doorknobs as Easter has failed to demonstrate any useful purpose.

Another Liberal MP, Wayne Easter, held up a door knob to illustrate routine maintenance, as opposed to new infrastructure dollars, on a federal building in Prince Edward Island. He should be careful about having his picture taken with a doorknob--it invites comparisons.

wilson said...

That article is hilarious...

"He's certainly targeting me, because I've stood up against this prime minister over some of the things he tried to do in agriculture, and I've stood up for my constituents," Easter said.

Easter stood up for the CWB monopoly,
when Western farmers voted for a free market (like Eastern farmers enjoy).
Last time I looked, PEI was not in Western Canada

Calgary Junkie said...

Time for Iggy to step in, and help his embattled Agriculture critic out.

I suggest that he make a switch with Anita Neville, and have Easter take on "Status of Women".

That would be a HUGE promotion, in the Liberal scheme of things.

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking that the good folks of PEI are getting tired of the Easter bunny not showing up after 17 long years. Maybe Mr. Harper can remedy that? (real conservative)