Thursday, August 5, 2010

Jack Layton: Over Exaggerator Extraordinaire

Seems Jack Layton is still struggling with reality, letting socialist dreams rule his mind. Layton claims never to have had a complaint about the mandatory census. I might find that a little hard to believe but for arguments sake, I'll give him the benefit of doubt. After all, Canada now has a population in excess of 34,000,000. Laytons riding consists of roughly 103,000.

But here is where Jack blows it:

" Jack Layton has had exponentially more complaints about parking problems from his constituents than he has had about the tyranny and intrusiveness of having to fill out the long-form census. And Mr. Layton hasn’t been in municipal politics for at least a decade.

The NDP Leader made the comments to The Mark in a video interview released Thursday. He was addressing the controversy around the government’s decision to scrap the compulsory long-form census.

Stephen Harper and his government, Mr. Layton charge, manufactured the crisis for ideological reasons.

“I have been an elected person for many, many years and I have never had anyone come to me ever and complain about the census,” he said. “I have probably 10,000 times more complaints about parking than I’ve ever had about the census".

Interesting. Layton's constituency riding has a population of roughly 103,000 people, with 73,000 eligible to vote. Ironically enough, that info is from the 2006 census. So if one believes Layton, roughly 1 in 10 constituents have contacted him to complain about parking.

Sure Jack. And by the way, 10,000 X 0=0


Fiumara said...

Is Taliban Jackass still getting complaints about parking??? Isn't that a municipal responsibility. Seems his constituents found him to be a better Councillor than a MP let alone the leader of the fourth party. Better yet, they must consider the NDP to be a municipal party..

Bec said...

Is Jack willing to have all those misdemeanor, parking law breakers, thrown in jail?

Just askin', Jack!

How refreshing that if he thought about it, HE MIGHT FLIPPIN'GET IT!

Anonymous said...

Taliban Jack is probably correct. I have never heard of the census, coercive or otherwise, being an issue that resounded with the public until the Liberals got all hot and bothered. If so few people are complaining about the census it's simply because it is not important to them and sure as hell won't be an issue come election time.

wilson said...

I wonder if Warren Kinsella and Greg Weston went running to complain to their MP?

I'm guessing the govt or the CPC thru focus groups, found out there was considerable discontent with the census, even tho few complained to anyone.

Bec said...

The under 40 crowd but primarily the under the 30 crowd, would receive this, file it 13 and NEVER know that it was an illegal offence to ignore a census, guaranteed!

Just ask 10 of them....they can't even figure out how to pay their bills regularly, without a computer, text messaging or phone.

Their focus is on the closest terminal or...not this.

I can't believe this lack of depth on reporting the realities of this issue.

The_Iceman said...

Parking downtown in a metropolis is Hell. Can you blame him?

maryT said...

Are not parking tickets what that PI is telling people how to avoid.

maryT said...

I am waiting with baited breath for iggy to come out and make this stmt, We have been successful in making Harper change his mind, and the long form census will be used, without threat of jail or fines.
He and the media will ignore that was the original intent of the govt.
How many have gone to the Stats Can site and clicked on the 2011 census, all 40 pages of it.
Then they might check to see when this form was completed and how. 2 yrs before the census was due. Munir had nothing to do with this census form, done long before he was elevated to head honcho.
And why did he quit, was it because he knew info was coming out at how they had fudged figures re unemployment, or to take another job.
Anyone every applying for any govt job or university job knows one does not get it within two weeks of applying, so when did he apply.