Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Canadian Press Commits A Freudian Slip?

Hmmm. Seems the Canadian Press admits to a negative campaign of articles and headlines about the Conservative Party of Canada:

"Ottawa — The Canadian Press
Published on Tuesday, Aug. 03, 2010 4:56PM EDT

Three months of bad headlines apparently didn't drive donors away from the governing Conservatives.

Elections Canada says the Tories raised $4.1-million in the second quarter of the year – up from $4-million in the first quarter.

The Conservative donations came in despite negative ink over the Rahim Jaffer-Helena Guergis saga, the Afghan detainee affair and ballooning budgets for the G8 and G20 summits.


Patrick Ross said...

It does seem that absurd anti-Harper hit pieces have been appearing more often recently.

Lawrence Scanlan's implicit suggestion that Canada under the Tories is like Nazi Germany and communist East Germany.

William Christian's surprise "revelation" that Harper's "hidden agenda" is small government.

Indeed, the left seems to be getting frustrated and desperate.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Lawrence Scanlan doesn't realize the Nazi ideology came from "Progressive Liberal" ideology. Yes the Nazi Party had the same ideology as the Democrats of the USA.