Sunday, April 24, 2011

Violations Of Elections Canada Laws In Ajax-Pickering?

There have been some (unproven) allegations of violations of EC laws in Ajax-Pickering. There have been allegations of partisan campaign advertising at polling stations, most notably the Nottingham polling station as well as the Ajax Community Center. In both cases the allegations, again unproven, concern partisan material, mainly campaign signs from Liberal incumbent Mark Holland being on polling property.

I checked out Nottingham school late last night and saw no partisan material, so either there was none or it had been already removed. An anonymous commenter on a previous thread had tipped me off and stated he/she had already complaimed to the EC DRO at the school. I just learned of the allegations at the ACC this morning.

If anyone in my riding of Ajax-Pickering sees any of this occuring, please send me pictures to I'm interested in seeing violations by any party and how EC handles it.

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