Friday, April 15, 2011

Conservative Candidate Trails by 700 Votes In Guelph Riding.....Election Three Weeks Away

So I did the obligatory post on Elections Canada U of G decision featuring sarcasm, and now it's time to give this situation a serious look. With Elections Canada already deeming the cast ballots to be counted, a decision in record time I might add, the decision made, is to be blunt, complete bullshit.

1. EC admits it wasn't an authorized advanced ballot.
2. Rules were not followed, EC rules at that, in regards to scrutineers.
3. Partisan material was within the ballot box, another EC no-no.
4. Two seals were affixed to one ballot box, the top seal bearing #1030701 and the bottom seal bearing #1030702?

So what exactly is the reason to even have Elections Canada rules? When something occurs outside the bounds of said rules, Elections Canada say it's OK anyway? And we don't even know if those who cast votes at the University of Guelph even met EC's rules for being eligible to vote at that riding's unauthorized poll.

Oops, never mind. Elections Canada. The new Adscam. Where every rule in the book is broken, with Marc Mayrand and his underlings held unaccountable.

Only in Canada. Pity.


max said...

Eh.. it's it feels like trap there, sparky, laid by your friendly-neighborhood-incorruptible-nonpartisan-civil servants-and-the-gender-neutral-persons-who-love-them. Letting these 700 votes go is probably better than Harper being painted, again, as a big meany preventing poor students from voting. I smell a big fat CBC cat waiting to pounce.

ladee_J said...

too funny...too true!

Anonymous said...

I think the election should be delayed until May 16th. That will allow time to get UN personal from foreign democracies in to supervise Elections Canada like WE do to third world corrupt countries.

Rob C

Anonymous said...

sun tv will air this i'm sure

Candace said...

I'm with Anonymous. And you, Paul, this IS bull$hit.

Alain said...

Considering how they are clearly following the American Democrat user manual in the election of Obama, and very likely American leftist funding, this blatant voter fraud is unacceptable. And gee where were all the cameramen? Elections Canada has lost any pretence of credibility and neutrality.

Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez...
Have you read the one about those wild and crazy, fascist knuckle draggers?
It seems that a terrifying and scary brain-challenged squadron of virulent Right-wing neo conservative quasi-libertarian stooges, responding to orders sent out from their American-Republican Tea Party WAR Room hidden deep within the foreboding, menacing and impenetrable Uber Bunker, set up an unauthorized Election Canada-like Polling station on the local university campus. And probably not at all authorized by Elections Canada and probably not authorized by the University.
Yet and nonetheless, after no investigation whatsoever --all ballots cast at this neo-con bootleg polling station have been declared certified, and good enough, to be tallied with all other ballots cast.
There’s a rumor circulating that three days from now we should all be able to honestly say that all those tea-baggy thugs involved just vanished a couple of nights ago. And we’ll be able to confidently declare that chances are good that we’ll never see them again as they will have been engulfed in a world full of excrement from hades.

From the "Unabridged Chronicles of Night, Darkness and Fog."

~ Nacht und Nebel Miesterdreuken Publishing



t.e. & o.e.

Hoarfrost said...

Who will be getting SUN-TV or are they broadcasting to themselves?

Alberta Girl said...

"Who will be getting SUN-TV or are they broadcasting to themselves? :

We do!! Shaw TV

Archie said...

For the time being just forget about what has happen in Guelph, wait until the election is over. If the Conservatives loss and loss by less then 700 votes, go to court and force EC to obey the rules and nullify these 700 votes. Anything the Conservatives do now the media and the 3 amigos will spin a negative spin on this.

Let Sun Media paint the picture on how corrupt EC is.

Dave B. said...

If Sun TV is all we expect it to be, do we think it will have any impact on this election. With all the neg. publicity it has been getting, everyone may tune in just out of curiosity. However, I feel 2 weeks of broadcasting won't be enough to correct all the mis-leading headlines we've seen over this campaign. This Guelph thing will be old news by Monday.

billynobels said...

@tangojulietteYour'e Nacht un Nebel reference is intriguing. The Francois Truffaut homage to the Holocaust is a film which I have shared with students over a 20 year teaching career in film. Poignant that you should use that title when we are indeed threatened by the same forces in Canada that led to that tragic time in history. More sad is that so few have eyes to see it and intelligence to understand it. We will soon be engulfed and then piously proclaim we were just following orders.
Billy Nobels, Lakefield