Saturday, April 2, 2011

Globe and Mail Thinks BC Provincial Government Is Conservative???

Another example of the G&M's inability to get the facts right. Running a story about Layton's appearance in Nova Scotia today, the article references Layton being asked a question about the NDP provincial government in Nova Scotia also implementing the hst, something Layton has complained about in Ontario and BC but failed to mention until a reporter called him on it. The Globe then goes on to explain the Conservative government in BC implemented the hst there. Really? I had no idea the Conservatives were in government in BC.

"Mr. Layton didn’t mention the HST during his speech here in Nova Scotia where the NDP government has introduced the harmonized tax. Mr. Layton was deeply critical of the Conservative government in British Columbia and the Liberal government in Ontario for signing on to the HST. But NDP Premier Darrell Dexter on Nova Scotia has made sure that it was not applied to home heating, a measure that makes it acceptable, Mr. Layton told reporters."

when you can't get simple facts straight, why would anyone take your paper as being anywhere near credible?

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