Sunday, April 3, 2011

Elect Chris Alexander MP For Ajax-Pickering Send Mark Holland Packing...

One week into the campaign and Conservative candidate Chris Alexander has had an incredible response to his campaign. Almost all the signs are gone. If you can provide either a small donation or volunteer some of your time for the campaign, please contact Mr. Alexander's office at:

Ajax-Pickering Conservative Association
520 Westney Road South
Ajax Ontario


The easiest way to get to the campaign office is 401 south on Westney Road. Roughly 4 blocks south.

Donations can also be sent to:

Ajax-Pickering Conservative Association
PO Box 31060
Westney Heights Post Office
Ajax On L1T 3V2


Pamela said...

Residents of Ajax-Pickering could not do better than Mark Holland who has served them well.

Alex said...

LOL Pam. I'm from Pickering... but not anymore. Why would I leave such a great place?

Anyway, I still have plenty of friends there and they came to their opinions on their own. I didn't push at all.

I'd say you're boy had better polish up his resume.

Anonymous said...

Because of his cynical manipulation of the C391 committee (the bill to abolish the Long Gun Registry) and slimy way he avoided third reading of the bill after it had passed second reading, Holland has earned the permanent enmity of Canada's lawful gun owners.

A web site can take your donations for Mr. Alexander via PayPal

Jan said...

Good luck Chris!! We are working hard in the riding of Esquimalt/Juan de Fuca (West Coast) for Conservative candidate Troy de Souza.

Bec said...

I can't think of anyone that has raised the hackles of another province more than Mark Holland. During the last election, he should have worried more about his own back yard than going out of his way to insult the Province of Alberta and their Oil sands.

He's a brassy loudmouth that hadn't a clue of the facts there and I agree, turf him!

Rons Report said...

Just look at Holland during question period...and they call the Conservatives angry!!!
Holland and David McGuinty along with Carolyn Bennett look like they need to take anger management clases