Sunday, April 10, 2011

Mark Holland Accidently Disses Ignatieff On Question Period..

Interesting exchange between Mark Holland and Chris Alexander on Question Period today. Holland went out of his way to point out that he lived in the Ajax-Pickering riding his entire life, although as Alexander pointed out there is some debate about that (future post to come when info is verified). Conservative candidate Chris Alexander pointed out both he and Holland moved into the riding around the same time in 2004. Again Holland reiterated that he lived his entire life in the riding, implying he was a better candidate for MP because of it.

So what to make of Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff then? As has been pointed out recently, Ignatieff doesn't even live in the riding he was elected to represent in Parliament. How does Mark Holland feel about this? Or will he argue about electoral riding boundaries (which will be the subject of above mentioned future post) as a way around Ignatieff's failure to live in his own riding?

It's also worth mentioning Holland has contradicted the Liberal leader the past week on such things as crime bills. The fact is Holland supported Gerard Kennedy for Liberal leader, then switched his support to Stephane Dion when Kennedy dropped out of the race for Liberal leader. Is Holland now loyal to Ignatieff, or some fella named Bob?


Anonymous said...

what are the polls for that riding saying?

Gabby in QC said...

"Is Holland now loyal to Ignatieff ..."

My impression is Mark Holland is loyal only to Mark Holland. Watching that sneer on Holland's face during that debate on QP was nausea- inducing. True to form, as most "progressives" almost always do, he talked over Chris Alexander throughout the debate.

I'll stand up and cheer if/when Holland is defeated.

David Warren said...

Were you actually listening to their debate?

Holland was confident and knowledgeable. He sounded like a grown-up, calm, energetic and professional.

Alexander sounded petrified - he couldn't even control his breathing. And he certainly could not keep up with Holland on the facts. Holland danced around him.

Personally I was shocked at how poorly Alexander came across. I've seen him in public and media settings before - he usually speaks much more eloquently, and projects much more authority. But he looked tired and unhappy, and was obviously shaken up by something before the debate started.

It's pretty rare that you see such an obvious mismatch.

And no, Alexander has NOT lived in Ajax Pickering since 2004 as you claim. He was Ambassador in Kabul at that time, with no connection to Ajax. After his request for an extension as ambassador for a third year was turned down, he stayed in Afghanistan with the UN until mid-2009, then moved to his hometown of Toronto. He only moved to his would-be riding about 18 months ago, after he was given the nomination.

Alexander did try to make a point that Holland didn't live in the riding until recently, but Alexander undermined his own point by volunteering that Holland did live in Pickering.