Saturday, May 8, 2010

Heather Mallick Proves Herself Even More Ignorant Than Previously Thought.

Case in point. Mallick's latest, uh, editorial. Here's an excerpt:

"Excellent campaigning. If only our hateful pseudo-human prime minister would meet a nice granny in Kamloops and hurt her feelings. Actually, Harper would knee her in the groin and block her hip replacement, he's that personal in his hates.

Canada has a Conservative minority government right now that does have a core belief. It's that Canadians deserve a good stomping, all of them. Conservatives can't stand people, particularly if they're female, or second-generation Canadian, or educated, or principled, or not from Alberta, which is the home of the hard-right belly-bulging middle-aged Tory male. Watch them at the G8, ostensibly fighting for women's health internationally while blocking abortions for raped Congolese.

Harper cannot get a real majority. If the centre-right Liberals and the centre-left New Democrats would form a coalition, Harper would be toast and we'd get started on what we need: national day care, TGV trains, an economic strategy, a green strategy, oh a strategy for anything, a plan is all we seek."

She also gets in her usual American's are stupid redneck propoganda, along with the usual Conservative voters are stupid. Maybe us stupid Conservative's should let the Gaurdian know what we think of both Mallik and their paper.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Paul for exposing this bigot Heather Mallik


Joanne (True Blue) said...

I'm glad you took one for the team and read the whole column because I couldn't bear to read more than two paragraphs.

I love this comment from a Guardian reader:


8 May 2010, 12:10PM

"Britons! Don't waste your time trying to decode Mallick's persistent blathering! She's a worn out left-wing hack whose opinion pieces in Canada only show up on the taxpayer funded CBC website, and probably just to tick people like me off. She is a left-wing Anne Coulter - just as spiteful and nasty as her much more attractive right-wing American counterpart..."

wilson said...

'Maybe us stupid Conservative's should let the Gaurdian know what we think of both Mallik and their paper'

Which is exactly what she wants, attention.
Mallik is a troll.

Honey Pot said...

She is just a cowardly bitter pinko feminist whose opinion doesn't count.

You can always count on Heather Malicious to turn more people to the right.

Bec said...

I would bet money that this VILE woman? (questionable)has ever met the Prime Minister, undoubtedly giving her absolutely no basis for her disgusting blather.
As is the case of many vitrol spewing propagandists, sadly.

However one can gleefully imagine her utter panic of where she will hang her hat now that the UK may once again be led by a conservative PM. Obviously she will have to move.
I bet she'd love Iran or maybe the Congo where she could fit right in and be adopted in some snake pit.

Jeff said...

I saw Heather Mallik's name in the title of this post and skipped past it. I returned to it because I realized the post was from one of the more insightful Blogging Tories, so I read it.

Oh my goodness, no one demonstrates verbal frothing at the mouth like Heather Mallik. She writes this stuff in all sincerity; but Conservatives listen politely, let her finish, then go on with what we were talking about.

NB Tory Gal said...

I seethed the whole time I read it. She shows us more and more what kind of a person she is. I agree...I bet she has never met him. She has totally drunk the kool-aid the left and others spew out every day. I wonder why the British people would be interested in what she has to say. All they can see is a bitter and twisted female who forgot all she might have learned about journalism. She has made a fool of herself not only to Briton, but to the Americans. Unbelieveable.

Ontario Girl said...

And they talk about Conservatives attack ads. The Coalition don't need any, when they have Heather Mallik doing the job for them ,for FREE. What a hateful woman. Would be nice to dig into her closest.She sounds"angry".Almost as nutty as Carolyn Bennet in QP on Thurs. sounding off in the background like a mad woman while Rona was speaking.Of course CBC didn't mention that.

Blame Crash said...

Look on the bright side folks!

Everything she writes is so vile and nauseating that it invariably ends up screaming at you to "Vote Conservative".

I just wish she'd get more "face time" here in Canada so that more Canadians could see what the fraudulent CBC and Lib-Left supremacists really think of us real Canadians.

Anonymous said...

"She is to the left what much more attractive Anne Coulter is to the right" Thanks for my saturday mornin' laugh Joanne, Anne Coulter is "HAWT!" Heather "NOT"
I have met HM PM Stephen Harper I will I hope never meet Heather Mallick, she is full of malice, contempt and I think very toxic.
cheers Bubba

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Thanks for my saturday mornin' laugh Joanne, Anne Coulter is "HAWT!" Heather "NOT"

Well Bubba, that was the comment from the U.K. reader but I agree that Anne Coulter has much more going on - intellectually especially.

Patrick Ross said...

And that's why it seems the CBC won't publish Mallick anymore.

I've always found the British far-left to be fairly frightening. Even a scary lunatic like Mallick seems perfectly in her element among them.

Anonymous said...

What a hate filled old cow.

Anonymous said...

What have you got against cows??

Rob C

Anonymous said...

Yeesh scary she is.MOM shes scaring me!Another left wing hack.The CBC good for one thing,Hockey night in Canada.Be grateful CBC.