Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Will Jane Taber Take Ignatieff To Task For Guergis Firing?

I mean after all, he demanded it. Jane Taber now questioning the PM's decision to fire Helena Guergis. Using the old Graves strategy, Stephen Harper hates women, and Guergis is a victim of the PM's control freak tendencies. But wait, let's take a look at a few recent quotes from Michael Ignatieff and members of his caucus.

Ignatieff March 31st: "Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff didn’t hold back in condemning Status of Women minister Helena Guergis earlier Wednesday. Ignatieff accused the Ontario MP of coordinating the letter-writing campaign that had Guergis’s staffers sending anonymous letters of praise about the junior minister to newspapers and magazines (like Maclean’s). “If they have someone make up little letters in my book that’s lying,” Ignatieff said. “And then pretending that you didn’t really have anything to do with it, it was all the staff—that’s lying a second time.” Ignatieff has called on Stephen Harper to fire the junior minister, saying Guergis is not “worthy of the confidence of Canadians.” Along with drawing the ire of members of the opposition, Guergis has reportedly also become alienated from some members of the Conservative caucus after a string of scandals that included a now-infamous tantrum in a P.E.I. airport."

Wayne Easter April 11th: "On Wednesday, Easter stood in the House of Commons and called on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to fire Guergis.
“It speaks to a sense of entitlement and different rules applying,” Easter said. “Will the prime minister do the right thing, accept this responsibility and fire the minister?

Anita Neville February 27th: "Anita Neville, Liberal critic for the status of women, is calling for the immediate resignation of Guergis.
“An apology is not enough,” said Neville.
“She must resign now.”
Neville said airport security measures are in place for public safety.
“Stephen Harper needs to hold his ministers to a higher standard and go beyond insincere apologies and childish excuses,” said Neville.
He needs to ask her to step down. Ms. Guergis’s behaviour is completely unacceptable of any citizen, let alone a minister of the Crown.”

Pity poor Helena Guergis. I think for my next post I'll show quotes of some of our most beloved journalists. Say Oliver and Travers to start. Something along the lines of Harper was wrong to not get rid of her sooner. Now it's he shouldn't have dumped her.


Anonymous said...

Great job. I'm looking forward to quotes from the msm. Don't forget Fife the Knife.

Bec said...

Thank Gawd that Canadians are smarter than these swarmy MSM double standard loving hypocrits.

What do they think, they can spin their garbage one week and change the channel the next and we will all disappear in our caves? Un-bloody-believable!

Yes, the LIBERALS and the DIPPERS and the BLOC were in the sanctuary of the HoC saying all sorts of things but the Mr. Zzzzz, said it outside the HoC and the Jane Tabers of the MSM need to step the he11 up by calling him and his crew on this stuff. It's absolutely pathetic, the whole thing!
I am so disgusted by this particular aspect of this story.

Anonymous said...

Guergis, with her Manjsjbridjjsdze interview has indulged in all the stereotypes worthy of a beauty queen.
The big hair.
The contrition.
The tears.

She's crying over the fact that she screwed up.
And playing the "Why Me?" card.

It's fucking horrifying to me and it should be to women everywhere.

My wife, a women of strong and independent means would not ever debase herself by crawling before the CBC to attempt to sway the court of public opinion in such a-
No, it's not even crass.
It's a clueless cinderella pushing her lot as far as it could go.

You get measured in life by how you treat people.
All people.
When you are in a time of need, those people will rally to your defense.
In her time of need, noone is, except the CBC.

Bec said...

Unquestionably anony, she made a fool of herself by going to the CBC but that isn't the point.
The intolerant, of all things Conservative hypocrits, called for her head for around 2 months and NOW they uncover that her tantrum wasn't worthy of the disgusting witch hunt??
Had that NOT occurred, neither would any of this and the MSM needs to wash and sooth themselves of their guilt.
The Liberals? DISGUSTING female bashers, when they are Conservative women.
The media needs to STEP UP and call the losers out.

Anonymous said...

Taber with this recent slanted view on reality has proven to me without a doubt that she is a psychopath. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

Guergis is an incompetent fool. Harper has been saddled with really weak people around him. He is also stuck with has-been hangers-on like Jaffer that cause grief. We don't know why Harper fired Geurgis and he owes nobody an explanation. He is PM and does not have to kowtow or bend to Iggy or the electorate.