Tuesday, May 11, 2010

CBC: The Great Defender Of Helena Geurgis

It's so pathetic that it can't even be funny. CBC, led by Peter Mansbridge, now is playing Helena Geurgis as the victim. Note to Peter. I watch the At Issue panel that you host. Seems to me you guys wrote off Geurgis long before the PM did. And hey, didn't Wayne Easter, among other notable Liberals, continually demand her resignation over that airport temper tantrum? Could have sworn Suhanna was downright giddy when all the different twists on the Geurgis/Jaffer affair came out in the open.

So excuse me for being a little confused as to why you felt she deserved 15 minutes interview time on The National. Maybe it's because try as you did to tarnish the PM and Conservative Party because of her and her husbands actions, the polls actually showed an uptick in Conservative support, and a corrosponding down tick in Liberal support.

Maybe you guys are on the right track. Pull an audible out of EKOS head Graves playbook and start screaming anti-woman, control freak, hidden agenda, yada, yada, yada. However, I might recommend you ask Paul Martin how that worked out for ya in 2006, or Stephane Dion in 2008.


rations said...

Does acceptance by the CBC equal a crossing of the floor to the Libs by Helena? She won't be running again as a Conservative so she may try a parting shot at Harper. Taber will have to be restrained.

gimbol said...

I wonder.

Has there ever been a successful class action suit for media malpractice?

Alberta Girl said...

Gimbol...if you find out about that class action suit,please add my name to the list...I am sick of the despicable goons.

Anonymous said...

If you find out, please post as I would gladly join any class action lawsuit against any of these fiction writers.

NB Tory Gal said...

Hehehe good reading here with my morning coffee....

maryT said...

I wish someone could find the clips of the demands she be fired, by opposition members, and media types, and the clips of the same ones saying, poor Helena, and put them together for a u-tube video.
Pat Martin was absolutely disgusting yesterday in his praise for the gal. Today should be interesting at the committee, will Pat be an attack dog again, and call Jaffer a liar.
If Helena had class, she would have asked to be relieved of her cabinet post till things were settled.
And there are lots of hints she will cross the floor to the libs.

maryT said...

Further, the PM is not anti woman, remember Garth Turner and his fate.
The only reason she wants the PM to make the allegations public is so she and hubby can deny. Let her make them public, I am sure she knows what they are.

James Bowie said...

Garth Turner, Maxime Bernier, Inky Mark, Helena Guergis... Do Conservative MP's realize how expendable they are to Stephen Harper? He acts like he has seats to spare!

Jen said...

CBC rips her apart then fixes her up with band-aids to avoid probably a lawsuit.

CBC idea on interviewing Helena is to act as a 'smokescreen' as a cover up to the liberals' own DEREK LEE and others.

We all know that CBC loves no other not even the military yet it is Helena they suddenly care. Come on this is just a show on their part to hide their behinds.

$56billion dollars was taken from the E.I. funds by the liberals to do with as they please yet they made canadians repay that sum of money by rising the premium rates instead of the liberals replacing the full sum.
You see, CBC really doesn't give rats ass about canadians period.

If canada become like GREECE under the opposition parties who all support unions, CBC will find something 'positive' to say on this.
Yet as we stand the most stable country in world praised by other countries and guess what CBC finds something negative to say on our success.

When the taliban say that they watch CBC everyday look out is because they taliban know more of what kind of a media CBC really is all about than most canadian ever will know.

A media that works solely for the SOCIALISTS do not love, care for any other. Hugo Chavez's media and canada CBC are replica.

PeBo said...

I'd say that the minor increase in Conservative support is a cross between an poll anomoly (you know, the plus or minus 20 percentage point 19 times out of 20) and a totally ineffectual leader in the Liberal camp.

If the Liberals ever get themselves a decent rep (Howdy Doody would be more impressive than Iggy) then the Conservatives will be reduced to Kim Campbell levels once again. All they have demonstrated is that their MP's are as bad (and trustworthy) as anything the Liberals have ever thrust on us. No wonder Steven was such a control freak!

Anonymous said...

Helena, the new Belinda. (real conservative)