Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Helena Guergis Appears To Have Lied To Peter Mansbridge..

Much is being made of Helena Guergis now playing the victim card. During a televised 15 minute interview with Peter Mansbridge, Guergis says she doesn't even know what the allegations against her are. The PMO quickly took Guergis to task, stating she was less than honest about the conversation the PM had with her when booting her from cabinet and caucus. The problem is this appeared to be a he said-she said type of situation. Just one problem for Guergis. Her lawyer way back on April 15th actually acknowledged they knew what the allegations were. Here is what Guergis told Mansbridge-"I have not had an opportunity to defend myself. What is it that I’m supposed to be charged with? I feel as though I have been charged, I feel as though I’ve gone through a trial, I have been convicted and now I’m been sentenced. And I still don ’t know what it is I’m supposed to have done.

From the National Post April 15th:

"The prime minister's office was made aware of some allegations about the conduct of Ms. Guergis, who was then the minister of state for Status of Women. Within hours of that meeting, Mr. Harper fired Ms. Guergis.

"We are convinced that the allegations are serious and believable as well," Mr. Harper said Wednesday. "It's not up to us to determine whether or not these allegations are true. It's up to the authorities to do that, but to our mind and our opinion, there is enough credibility to give the information to the authorities."

Ms. Guergis's lawyer, Howard Rubel said Thursday: "After days of unfair speculation we finally know what the allegations [against Ms. Guergis] are. More important, we know that the source of these allegations is a report from a private investigator who, apparently while presenting himself as another potential victim of a man currently facing fraud charges, was told these ridiculous ‘boasts' in an attempt to convince the investigator to do business with him. We believe these circumstances speak for themselves.

"Ms. Guergis vigorously denies all of this man's bizarre claims, and looks forward to helping the RCMP demonstrate that they are completely false."

Note to Peter Mansbridge, the CBC, and all the other lazy journalists that comprise our media. It took roughly 6 seconds on Google to find that. Try it next time.


Fay said...

Thankyou, too bad the National Press prefer to manipulate the message instead of presenting facts.
It is unbelievable watching them scramble to defend Alfred Apps. The Fife tells us he asked Apps about this 2 weeks ago and there is nothing to it. i just don't know how these people in the MSM can sleep at night. to the radio said...

Desperation sends you into the arms of Peter Manszhbridgze.
If she was worth saving she would have been saved.
I can't believe she would stoop so low now.
She's done for and she's had her Hail Mary.
Bye bye Guergis bye bye.

maryT said...

So, did Apps lie to fife, as it was proved today that he did work for the PI for about 10 days. And why would fife ask him 2 weeks ago when it just come out today. And the PI denied everything he is supposed to have said.
And if no one watched the committee today and just read Kady, what a different picture. I read her blog as I watched the proceedings.
Apps driving a getaway car, what was that all about. Oh, and Derrik Lee will appear on May 27.
Too bad Helena didn't wait a couple of days to do her interview.
Just wait this will soon turn into -the PM and the PMO staged the whole thing and can't be trusted. And Craig tonight on the national, referring to the PM as Harper, and saying a coalition govt is not as unacceptable to canadians, if they can do it without the bloc. So are we to see deputy PM, Jack Layton in the near future, or deputy PM, Mr Z. I think we will see PMSH with a huge majority, without Quebec as a major player.

maryT said...

Google off shore bank accounts, and discover there is a cdn company that specializes in setting up accounts in Belize. You deposit your money from whatever source, avoid rev can, then borrow your money from the bank, as loans are not income. You can do all this online. Did the PI offer any proof such accounts were set up, other than a piece of paper with names on it. OOPS, he only had one copy of said paper and the RCMP have it now. And he wouldn't make a copy. But we did learn who his client was/is. A software company that makes software to be used by restaurants etc.

Terry Collins said...

There seems to be some mincing of words on both sides. The lawyer's quote you posted doesn't say he learned specifically from the PMO or the RCMP what the allegations were. Also, Guergis' statement of denying all allegations could have been a blanket statement, meaning she felt she had done nothing wrong in ANY regard, so all allegations of misconduct must be false, even if she didn't know what they were. Not that I really care what happens to Guergis, but there doesn't seem to have been any kind of due process in this case. Snowdy says he has no evidence, so I sure hope the PM does. Otherwise, any money the government spends defending the lawsuit and any payouts to settle, should come out of Conservative coffers and not from taxpayers.

Alberta Girl said... people make me laugh.. A couple of weeks ago,you most likely made up the mob with pitchforks demanding that Geurgis be hung out to dry, choosing to believe the very PI had information that you not choose to believe he didn't.

This witch trial atmosphere in our media and opposition is despicable.

You people destroyed Helena's life and now that you are done with her, you choose to turn your hatred onto the PM for bending to your will.


NB Tory Gal said...

The Pm may have nothing but allegations to go on..but hearing anything like that, and on the decision making day, had to go with finally lowering the boom on Helena...the smallest hint of a scandal --that would be enough...I stand by my Prime Minister. He is captain of the ship and steers it well. He has proven himself to me many times during 2006.

Anonymous said...

"Guergis appears to have lied to Mansbridge"

Uhh....ya think?

Anonymous said...

The PM's only priority in this case is to protect the integrity of the PMO and his government. He did that and did it well.

The Alberta Girl is quick to scold those who were just as quick to want her gone in the early days, but should have a read of some of the Tory blogs to see that even among Tories this was the case.

The media doesn't hold a premium on hypocrisy.

The PM did the right thing. There is no connection either to his office or his gov't by the alleged slimeball fraudsters.

That Guergis got personally caught up in this is her problem. She married Jaffer.

Now that the Liberals have been thrown under this bus look for it to die a slow death with the media.

Trivia - before his current post in the PMO Guy Giorno worked for Faskin-Martineau

Alberta Girl said...

"The Alberta Girl is quick to scold those who were just as quick to want her gone in the early days, but should have a read of some of the Tory blogs to see that even among Tories this was the case."

I did read those blogs beef is with our media and the opposition (and bloggers) who have now decided she was the victim of bully Harper.

She is also playing right into the media's hands in her efforts to portray herself as the victim.

That is my beef - the blatant about turns from demanding she be fired to poor Helena is what is appalling.

Anonymous said...

PMO has a HUGE problem.

Giorni LIED to Ethics Commissioner in his letter.

He must resign TODAY.

NB Tory Gal said...

Anonymous... why not expose yourself a bit...hiding under Anon does not give you much simply shows you wish to "stir up", did you see the letter that Mr. G. sent to the Ethics Commissioner? I doubt anyone has. So how would you know if he lied? We have already established that because there were allegations presented to the Conservative lawyer that the PM had no choice but to take action. If Mr. G. sent letters it would be outlining the government's position on this and asking for the Ethics Commissioner to take a look....she has stated she will wait until she can note what the RCMP have found.
Come out from under your rock, anon.

maryT said...

It is obvious someone lied, but who.
The PI has changed his story so many times, I need more proof he didn't lie yesterday. What if he didn't say those things, but wrote them down instead. What if he said things that could appear to be what was in the letter.
I think somebody has spent a lot of time and money to attempt to get the PM and the PMO involved in a non existent scandal to get back to someone back in power.
And those responsible just keep digging themselves into a deeper hole.

maryT said...

And another thing, what if the PI did say those things, with the idea of denying them later to make the PM look bad.

Anonymous said...

To you neocons on here...

Yesterday we all found out your Prime Minister(not mine)lied to the Ethics Commissioner, I'll repeat that for you... THE ETHICS COMMISSIONER.

Is there a single neocon on here who would care to comment on this revelation ?

This outa be fun

maryT said...

So, who is your PM, didn't know our PM only was PM for some and not all. As for lying, I don't believe a word the PI said. We just have his word that the Ethics gal called him and he lied to her by denying what he said. What is no call was made.
The coalition of opposition have tried their scandal of the week, usually breaking when the PM is out of the country.
How about this theory, just to blow your mind, the PM heard of a plot to invent a scandal. He called in Helena and they worked together to out it. They knew she would be vilified then loved by the media if he fired her. What if she is a mole and is playing a role. Stranger things have happened. Have a nice day.

Alberta Girl said...

Anony...Yesterday we all found out your Prime Minister(not mine)lied to the Ethics Commissioner, I'll repeat that for you... THE ETHICS COMMISSIONER."

Really - do you have a link for this - otherwise it is just assumptions and innuendo.

Anonymous said...

Here's the link Alberta Girl.

PMO LIED to the Ethics Commissioner.

Shame on Stephen Harper and Guy Giorni.

maryT said...

And maybe the PI lied to the PMO.

Anonymous said...

Like I said, Helena is the new Belinda. (real conservative)

NB Tory Gal said...

This anonymous person is just trying to be the rooster in the hen house... blow it out your shorts...ha....
This conversation will carry on without you....

Alberta Girl said...

So Anony...why do you believe the PI over the PM?

Here's my link showing just how the PI works....


Come back and tell us how the PI is squeaky clean and the PM lied, sweetie.