Friday, May 21, 2010

What's The Difference Between a Partisan Hack And An Unbiased Pollster?

$5500.00. At least that's if you use the logic used by Kady O'Malley and the CBC. Seems Kady seems to infer the appointment of D.O. Braley is somewhat sinister because he donated $16,500 to Stephen Harper's leadership campaign. Of course any journalist with a shred of integrity might have pointed out the donations the senator has made, in the millions, to hospitals, universities, and research funds, but I'll save that for another time.

No, what is truly a barrel of laughs is this comes on the heels of CBC clearing EKOS pollster Frank Graves of being a partisan Liberal. Interestingly, Graves donated $11,000 to Liberals, but apparently Kady and the higher ups at the CBC say this does not mean a thing regarding Graves being biased. How much were those contracts Graves polling company got again?

Here's the comment I left on Kady's blog. Let's see if it passes that stringent comment moderation:

"So let me see if I have this right Kady. Braly is a Conservative Party hack and the proof is he donated $16,500. In return for this the multi-millionaire philanthropist bought himself a cushy job making less than $200,000 a year.

To contrast, EKOS head Frank Graves donated $11,000 to the Liberal Party, yet you and the CBC say that doesn't prove he has any ties to the Liberal Party. How many millions did Graves company get again in polling contracts ?

Thanks for being so consistently inconsistent.


NB Tory Gal said...

Well said... the more this is brought out the better....he will also have agreed to present himself to the electorate when it comes time for Senators to be elected...

Anonymous said...

One key difference is that he will be identified in the Senate as a Conservative. If I remember correctly, Frank Graves said he wasn't a member of the Liberal party.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the PM appointed someone like Mr. Braley to the senate. A self-made millionaire who contributed to the only party in Canada that believes there is a place for entrepreneurial talent in this nation. Who else would he support? The three opposition parties seem to think that one's ability to become successful is the result of illegal activities which must be punished by taxing away one's earnings and handing it to the less industrious.

Anonymous said...


If brains were made out of velvet, Kaydee wouldn't be able to come up with enough material to make spats for a one legged canary.



Jen said...

That girl O'MALLEY could never touch the foundation on which Christie Blatchford stands. O'malley writes junk make up stories supports the liberals and their corruption because I have yet to hear her question the liberals on serious issues: missing millions of dollars; the liberal 56Billion E.I. scandal nor on anything for that matter.

She sits in committees with a blackberry probably playing some card game because from what we hear ourselves during that committee and her analogy on it, is totally of the radar.
O'malley is not the only one- there are more national enquirer tabloid reporters on national television.

Anonymous said...

EKOS Research and Frank Graves have made over $60 Million in their enviable position as the CBC TV's preferred polling firm since 2001.

To say that he is not a Liberal while he not only advises them but has donated $11,000 to them is absurd.

To counter a bias accusation, he emphatically and frantically points out that he made a $500 donation once to a young Tory candidate near Ottawa. Wow I am starting to believe that he did that only to try to obfuscate his Liberal leanings.