Thursday, April 15, 2010

Will The Geurgis PI Become Canada's Balloon Boy Story?

It seems like a new twist in the Geurgis/Jaffer every hour now. It seems that those pictures the private investigator had of the couple doing cocaine and partying hard now has toned down to "may have" We have CBC now reporting the investigator had 13 million in debt and was bankrupt. A report that he offered the Liberals the story and information first and they refused to hear it (my guess is Donolo is smart enough to know this whole story is going to blow up, and not on Geurgis and is distancing himself and the Liberal Party).

It's all quite a train-wreck really. But the more twists this PI and his story take, the more I think we might be seeing Canada's version of a bubble-boy story.


fernstalbert said...

My first comment on this story - you would think the Canadian nation was at stake with the time and effort spent on this titilation. If the Liberals worked this hard developing policy, they would be ahead in the polls. Cheers.

wilson said...

If every Canadian that filed for bankruptcy is painted with the 'can't trust them' brush,
that would be 121,800 new scoundrels in 2009 alone.

Maybe Gillani knew Snowdy was a PI, and set him up for a fall.

So many senarios, so few dignified reactions from the media and opposition MPs.

Anonymous said...

This is just another way that the CBC can justify their existance. Certainly, there is little substance to a lot of what they do. (real conservative)

Bec said...

WE have better journalists in the amateur ranks at BT's than anywhere in the armpit of the overpaid PPG or MSM.
Their egos are so over inflated it's amazing they don't break out in a bad case of pubescent acne from puffing and huffing so often.

The first clue? A STAR reporter getting the scoop. Yes imo when the Star is the headliner, the STARS are not aligned. But it sure sucked in a lot of 'BUREAU CHIEFS', HOSTS and ANCHORS now didn't it?

There are not enough hens to lay the number of eggs that these morons should be wearing on their faces but just watch them pass this off onto the PM. What losers!

These same idiots have been crucifying these people for months now and haven't the courage or dignity to say THEY SCREWED UP. No they have to continue their arrogant and stupid justification by passing the buck.
What a moral deficit.

Alberta Girl said...

"Maybe Gillani knew Snowdy was a PI, and set him up for a fall"

And just maybe Stephen Harper knew that this PI was a "hired snitch" and threw it to the RCMP to search out just who did the hiring.

No wonder the Liberals and their toadies in the media are so nervously backing away....

Looks good on them..

Very Very Concerned said...

Why would opposition parties get near this story? No need! This story dives itself.