Saturday, April 10, 2010

Helena Geurgis For Ambassador To Denmark

With Helena Geurgis career continuing to spiral down the drain it's worth noting the contrast in styles between PM Stephen Harper and former PM Jean Chretien. Our PM, having been notified of possible wrongdoing or possible ethics violations, turfed Geurgis not only from cabinet, but also from caucus. He also took the extraordinary step of calling both the RCMP and ethics commissioner to look into the matter. Suffice to say, Geurgis is getting little sympathy for what she seems to have put on herself.

The usual culprits in the opposition parties, most notably the Liberals, and the usual cast of msm journalists seem to think the PM handled this badly. It's funny though. When the Liberal Party was neck-deep in a scandal involving kickbacks to the party, then PM Jean Chretien, rather than turf Alfonso Gagliano from caucus, instead gave him the plum posting of Ambassador to Denmark. Something many in the media called a shrewd move.

So in that vain, my vote goes to Helena Geurgis for Ambassador to Denmark.


hunter said...

HA! That would fry their britches, and they couldn't say anything about it because we could keep bringing up what the Liberals did!

Calgary Junkie said...

The media would gain a lot of credibility if they were a lot less dispassionate when they interview guests. Tom Clark and Bob Fife are two of the worst examples. Too often, they are way over the top, in how they hype up the importance of the story du-jour.

I kind of get it, that they are trying to pump up their ratings. But their audience is mostly political junkies. We know there are two ways to spin every story. Yet Clark persists in pushing the Liberal spin the vast majority of times.

The proper way to interview a pundit/spokesperson/MP/whatever is to play the devil's advocate. Challenge their position.

Look at how Clark asked tough questions of Rick Dystra re Guergis. Then he turns around and says to the Lib MP: "I take it you don't agree with Rick ?"

What Tom SHOULD have asked is: "What's wrong with PM Harper not revealing the new information, so as to not compromise the investigation ?"

These guys should watch FOX to see how interviewing is SUPPOSED to be done.

Anonymous said...

Again... the media is the liberal party. The LPC is the 'operational arm' of the 'enterprise.' That is why Geurgis had to go.. it is not the liberals that are an issue, we have dealt with them for the most part. It is the media, their owners, and controllers that are the problem. That is why slip ups like Helena's and her man cannot be tolerated. When we have a majority then I strongly suggest major changes at the CRTC among other regulatory agencies in Ottawa. The media in this country does not exist to serve the citizens but the interest of the socialist humanist globalists. Soon people WILL understand what I am saying. (real conservative)