Thursday, April 15, 2010

McGuinty Liberal MPP Sets New Standard In Partisan Spending

Remember the outrage from the opposition parties and media about partisan spending, referring to those photo-ops with Conservative MP's standing presenting those big cardboard cheques? It seems a member of Dalton McGuinty's caucus has one-upped his federal adversaries in quite an extreme way. Joe Dickson, my MPP here in Ajax seems to be quite photogenic. That picture is the cover of a 40 page flyer, that's right, 40 page flyer, that is being delivered throughout the riding houses in the local paper.

Now if I remember right, a certain Liberal strategist and pal of Dalton McGuinty thought the Conservative photo-ops were way over the top. Well, I counted the pictures in the flyer that contained Liberal MPP Joe Dickson and it's somewhere around 70. I also know that our local paper has quite expensive advertising rates. Just the printing costs of this flyer must be quite high. Ironically enough,Joe Dickson owns Dickson Printing here in Ajax, and it is a highly reputable company. Joe himself deserves enormous credit for his charity work throughout the years, and also that of his family.

But this flyer is one of the worst displays of partisan spending I can remember. I'm all for scrapping those ridiculous 10%ers the federal Conservatives inundate us with, but this is way over the top. Let's look at my top 10 list from this flyer of what critical updates we the people of Ajax-Pickering needed to know.

1) A Pizzeria grand opening.
2) A weight-loss clinic grand opening
3) Coyote Jack bar grand opening.
4) Hair salon opening.
5) A Muslim wedding (also attended by Dan Mcteague)
6) State Farm grand opening.
7) Italian Deli grand opening.
8) A tree planting
9) CIBC Branch opening.
10)SellOffVacations grand opening.

It's nice to see that at a time the province has a $20 billion deficit, our provincial government sees fit to blow cash on partisan spending like this.

p.s. I'll donate $100 to the charity of the persons choice who can verify what this flyer actually cost the taxpayers of Ontario.


oxygentax said...

So, ummm...

Doesn't he know that there's this thing called "Facebook" on the wonderful "Interweb" that can do the same thing for free?

Of course, he'd get a lot less traffic, but still...

Anonymous said...

um you don't really want to know and you don't want to dig into the invoicing... it'll make you sick.

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