Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Poll Nobody Reported????

No, not the latest Nanos attempt at Liberal spin, but the latest Ipsos-Ried poll. Now one would think that with the msm constantly speculating on a fall election, a poll that shows the Conservatives in the 40% range might be worth a headline or two. Well, I've dome my own polling, and nobody was aware of this recent poll and it's numbers. The only way it came out is in Don Martin's editorial in today's Calgary Herald where he talks about the possibility of an election occurring during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Included in that editorial is this:

"Yes, avoiding an election based on the men's hockey team landing gold is a tad odd, but so were reports Prime Minister Stephen Harper will base his campaign on seeking a majority mandate, at least until a new Ipsos Reid poll came out Friday that showed the Conservatives surging ahead and flirting with 40 per cent voter support."

Could be a rogue poll, but most certainly worth mentioning, especially giving Nik wrong on the numbers Nanos latest spin about Canadian's warming to another minority government.


JEN said...

Thank you Paul, wishful thinking on the National media to report such news.

This high percentage is an indication that there are canadians who do not trust the media to report good news. Gloom and Doom is the National Media trademark.

And frankly the opposition parties are not fit to run this country.

Calgary Junkie said...

Paul, there's been some posting on this poll over at chucker's. Martin is just too sloppy a writer, so I won't believe what he is reporting until I see a link from Ipsos, which I haven't been able to find. I took a quick look at the Torstar site, and nothing there either.

So I'll just hold off on any jokes I was preparing about Layton's Dippers swallowing all the cough medicine they were saving up for the electorate.

paulsstuff said...

"So I'll just hold off on any jokes I was preparing about Layton's Dippers swallowing all the cough medicine they were saving up for the electorate."

Expectorant for the electorate. Interesting:0)

Anonymous said...

There was no poll with Tories at 40% just an online survey which has no scientific value.

wilson said...

''the latest Nanos attempt at Liberal spin''
was conducted July 31-Aug 2.

so if Nik can hold back the poll for 3 weeks,
why not Ipsos Reid!

wilson said...

Funny too, Taber is reporting that Con MPs have been given their 'shut-up, no election speculation' orders.

BC Voice of Reason said...


The Taber reporting of the election gag order is likely accurate. No sense in talking about or threatening an election or even pointing out a majority makes a lot of sense. Let the Liberals force a election and suffer the consequences

BC Voice of Reason said...

Just reported at National Post

Brrr said...

Official story about the poll on the National Post site now, but still no link to the data either at NP or on Ipsos-Reid?