Monday, August 17, 2009

National Newswatch Officially Joins Liblogs....

Just kidding. NNW is still my favorite news aggregator. But I find it a little hard to figure out out why a supposed news aggregator would include a Liblog (BigCityLib), as being newsworthy. I might understand it if the blog posting was based in fact, or related to a specific error made by the government, or even criticism of a government minister for errors they have made carrying out their position.. But this link features none of that.

"Is Harper continuing to use Marquee Tourism Events Program funding announcements to punish/reward members of Team Tory? After all, Lisa Raitt and her Sexxxy Isotope show have been in the news again recently, and not in a good way."

What it is is in fact baseless gossip by a Liberal blogger on whether Conservative ministers are punished by being left out of funding announcements. Of course it fits the narrative of Lib conspiracy theories, but it seems quite lacking in being newsworthy. The fact that there were only two comments left on the blog at the time of this posting by me shows how actually newsworthy it is/was.

Perhaps NNW might enlighten me as to how this was deemed worthy of mention, and who made that decision. Perhaps I'm having a seniors moment, but perhaps they could also point out similar links from blogs of other parties on the left and right of the political spectrum.


maryT said...

A link to Sandy's new blog, would be a great truther and eye opener. Harper Govt Achievements

Anonymous said...

"why a supposed news aggregator would include a Liblog (BigCityLib),"

I don't know,I'm just guessing here maybe they pay to be there just a thought.

paulsstuff said...

"I don't know,I'm just guessing here maybe they pay to be there just a thought."

Well that would be pretty ironic, what with Warren Kinsella referring to Bourque News as Bourque Newsbought.

Mutton Chops said...

NNW is liberal - plain and simple. The Liberal Party of Canada advertised on his site. I don't have a problem with it but it is what it is. I stopped going there months ago. I go to now.

frmgrl said...

Hey, are there Lib supporters turning their backs on Iggy.
At the very end of this video is a pic of Bob Rae. Was this video created by Rae supporters. If so me thinks Iggy better be watchin his back.

Ted Betts said...


I think you've missed the many many times NNW has linked to Steve Janke or Stephen Taylor blog posts with even less substance.

I think the non-partisan editor puts up interesting gossipy stuff sometimes.

And yes, non-partisan. No one but an extreme partisan could mistake the kind of coverage NNW provides for partisan. Day in and day out there are links to pro-Iggy and anti-Iggy columns/articles/blog posts, pro-Harper and anti-Harper columns/articles/blog posts. Anything Tom Flanagan or Monte Solberg ever write is guaranteed to get high prominence, like today.

bigcitylib said...

It was a story based on fact--the fact that Raitt was supposed to be handing out the Marque Tourism cheques last week and got bumped. Plus some speculation as to way, based on the way Harper has treated the program previously--as a means of rewarding/punishing ministers.

paulsstuff said...

Well, it's nice to see you have full access to Raitt's itinerary.

Ted, you make some valid points, although BCL's post makes little sense in the way of being newsworthy. On the other hand, I do give BCL credit for being one of the better Liblogs.

I tend to rarely comment on Liblogs, except when incorrect info is posted, to avoid the "troll" moniker.

And by the way guys, read a little closer. The first two words in this post were "Just kidding".

Anonymous said...

not to mention NNW's offering from Politico.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I do think NNW leans a bit to the left and Bourque is obviously right, but NNW is still an excellent news aggregator.

I like Canadian News Reader as well. Probably the most non-partisan of them all because it is an electronic feed I think.