Tuesday, August 11, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: New Attack Ads Being Planned Slamming Iggy

So it appears all the media pundits were right. Michael Ignatieff and the Liberal Party will be facing a barrage of attacks of Ignatieff''s previous writings and positions on things such as the Iraqi War in the next election campaign. Ignatieff''s extended absence from Canada will also be front and center in the next campaign, helping to point out Iggy's demands for such things as EI reform ring shallow as he wasn't in the country during the current rules being implemented. I can't wait to see Tom Clark, CTV, CBC, and various journalists such as James Travers declare that this type of attack on Ignatieff''s character are turning Canadians off of politics. The funny thing is, it's the NDP planning to attack Iggy over these subjects.

"OTTAWA — NDP National Director Brad Lavigne set the stage for an election war for the left with the Liberals by suggesting Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff was into torture, into Iraq and out of the country.

Lavigne made the comments in Ottawa where he said the NDP will use this weekend’s conference in Halifax to build an “election ready” NDP primed to fight Prime Minister Stephen Harper, should his government tumble in the autumn.

“Mr. Layton has written a book about investing in Canadians and their communities. Mr. Ignatieff has written books defending torture,” said Lavigne.

“Mr. Ignatieff has defended and supported the war in Iraq … If Mr. Ignatieff or Mr. Harper were prime minister in 2004, Canada would still be in Iraq today.”

Lavigne also scoffed at Ignatieff’s proposed changes to reform the Employment Insurance system saying the Liberal leader was “out of the country” when the system Canada has today was crafted."


Anonymous said...

I read what was said about torture, and I think some people, before they blab about Ignatieff should read it in it's entirety, and they may not be so smug. Harper wanted to take our troops into IRAQ.

Morgan said...

Actually, Chretien DID send our troops into Iraq. He just did not tell the Canadian people and those poor soldiers who were so brave had to keep their mouths shut about their mission.

Chretien "loaned" several hundreds brave Canadian soldiers to the Americans. How many died? We'll never know bbecause it was politically incorrect for the Liberals to support the Iraq war.

THAT story should be told to all those good Liberal sheep.

wilson said...

Anon, add to Morgan's comment:

''On Thursday, Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe asked the prime minister to finally admit that having soldiers alongside coalition troops is the same thing as formally entering the war against Iraq.

Prime Minister Chrétien says Canada isn't at war with Iraq.
But he conceded that some Canadian soldiers could be with U.S. and British troops inside the country.
"It's possible," he said, "but they are not in combat roles."

But Lieut.-Col. Ronnie McCourt told CBC News, in an interview at command headquarters in Doha, Qatar,
that some Canadians are on the front lines.

"They are in combat," he said, "and there's always a risk there."


robins111 said...

How come they call them attack ads?

They are simple reposts of statements made by his Iggyness.

I guess if you want to forget that Iggy has demonstrated for years that he's an ass, on TV and in books,it's probably best to refrain from remembering same.

Rich said...

Morgan, you are quite right Jean Chretien did have troops in Iraq led by General Walt Natycnski; John Mcallum was the Defence Minister at the time. The Canadian troops were in active combat they even took part in the rescue of an American Hostage held by Al Qaeda. Jean Chretien was being a little hypocritical when he told the Canadian people that he would never send troops to Iraq and he would never support the war in Iraq.

Michael Ignatieff in his days at Harvard was a supporter of George Bush's war in Iraq: Libs should stop playing the holier than thou card.

Rich said...

These are not attack ads, they are simple bring to light what Ignatieff through out his career has expounded; it is right that other political parties use these comments to tell people what Ignatieff is all about. The Libs have done the same thing by attacking comments made by PMSH when he was President of the National Citizen Coalition. In Politics alls fair, and if you cant stand the Heat stay out of the Kitchen

Anonymous said...

It's about time the NDP decided to do something. Bring it on!

MrEd said...

this type of ad will only help the NDP as it will attract the voters who are not core liberals but who would never in their life time vote Conservative regardless of any logical or reasoned arguement