Sunday, August 9, 2009

Because $874,999.80 Isn't Enough....

In one of the more bizarre stories recently, Chicago Blackhawks young superstar Patrick Kane is alleged to have beaten and robbed a Buffalo cab driver over 20 cents:

"BUFFALO, N.Y. -- Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane was charged with attacking a cab driver in his home town Sunday, a beating police said was triggered when the driver did not have 20 cents in change to give the player and his cousin.

Buffalo police said the 20-year-old Kane and his 21-year-old cousin, James Kane, had apparently caught a cab from the city's downtown nightclub district at about 4 a.m. ET. The cab driver suffered cuts to his face and his glasses were damaged, police spokesman Michael DeGeorge said.

Both men were charged with felony robbery and misdemeanour counts of theft of services and criminal mischief. Patrick Kane, who earned US$875,000 last season, pleaded not guilty in local court Sunday, WIVB-TV reported. It was not immediately clear when James Kane will appear in court."

Seems like a rather weird circumstance, but I think it might not be an isolated incident. You see, a friend of mine was dating the sister of a Tampa Bay Lightning defencemen. This guy was bringing in $2 million a year in salary, and yet had the audacity to tell me autoworkers are way overpaid, and he should be earning double his $2 million salary. And this guy routinely stiffs

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He'll get off with zilch. He's a spoiled brat.