Friday, August 14, 2009

Globe & Mail Takes Journalistic Integrity Another Notch Lower...

Amazing. I see this headline from the G&M on National Newswatch- Veteran B.C. Tory eyes run for Parliament with Liberals, and I think, wow, this could be big. Igantieff and the Liberal's have managed to get a current or former Conservative MP to run as a Liberal in the next election. Then I read the actual story, and find this:

“I'm not a professional politician by any stretch. I've never run for anything in my life. And I'd like to give it a shot,” said Mr. Veniez, who has asserted he was fired by the Harper government because he was forcing coal companies to pay higher shipping rates."

They do allude to him being a "“self-proclaimed bag carrier” for three Mulroney-era ministers", whatever that's supposed to mean. So here is a tip for the Glop and Pail. Brian Mulroney hasn't been PM for a very long time. This gentleman has never run for public office. He has no ties to the current Conservative Party other than having been appointed to a government panel.

Perhaps you might want to ease up with the Torqued Headline BS.


Cool Blue said...

Breaking news! Former Tory PM slams Harper and endorses Liberals!!!

Buried in the text: Joe Clark

paulsstuff said...

Joe Who?

wilson said...

So Blair gets the boot from the Libs and runs for the Greens,
now some 'bag carrier' gets the boot from the Cons and runs for the Libs....what's in the water at West Vancouver–Sunshine Coast–Sea to Sky Country???

Cons MP Weston won the riding by 11000 votes in 2008,
good luck with that Mr Bag Carrier!

Anne in sw ON said...

Do the Liberals really need a "bag-carrier" with the sponsorship fiasco still hanging over their heads? (sarc off)

The definition for "bag-carrier" is this: 1. A person who carries someone's bags 2. (informal) A relatively unimportant assistant or spokesman of a more important person. The second one would seem to apply to Mr. Veniez. As such he was terminated because he was “operating well outside his mandate.”

Patsplace said...

Lest we confuse a domestic servant with a "Bag Man" like Dion who was the Minister of Intergovernmental Affairs during the Adscam job that netted the Libranos mega bucks.

Yeah, not that kind, more the fetch my bags boy. Yeah, that kind.

Anonymous said...

he's the only Liberal in the riding . . . makes it hard for Iggy to pick anyone else !

paulsstuff said...

LOL. That was hilarious Fred :0)

Anonymous said...

Reading the G&M was your first mistake Paul.

Believing that there was any substance to the story was your second.

Quit it!

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