Sunday, January 30, 2011

Liberal Fundraisers Stating We Are Having A March Election????

It seems the Liberals are really set for a March election. In fact one Liberal fundraiser canvassing on the phone is telling prospective donors the election will be held on the third Tuesday in March.

In fact, a Johnathan Baird of Ottawa, Ontario, a non-Liberal supporter in fact verified he received a call asking for a donation and being told the election was a done deal.

Now I realize that those putting out such information as I myself here am, it is pertinent to make sure the information is factual to protect my credibility.

So I checked things out a little deeper, and sure enough there were others who received similar calls from the Liberal war room. A James Flaherty of Whitby, Ontario, also a non-Liberal supporter, confirmed what Mr. Baird of Ottawa had told me previously.

So what does all this mean? Well, from my point of view, this assures my qualifications to be a journalist or blogger with either the Toronto Star or CBC News. Dont y'all agree?


Anonymous said...

Nobody from the PMO has actually denied the date, you'll notice. March 29 is about 10 days from the start of spring, with a tentative budget date of February 17, 2011.

paulsstuff said...

Uh, March 29th is a Tuesday. Canadian federal elections are held on Monday's unless it's a stat holiday. March 28th is not a stat holiday. And I wrote the third Tuesday in March for that reason.

And the PMO did discount the story saying fundraisers were given no such information.

By the way, you get sarcasm, right?

Sean M said...

Hey Paul, I also got a call from a LIberal fundraiser. His name was Bob Fife and he told me the Separatist/Liberal alliance were going to force an election in March. He also told me that if I don't donate to the Liberal/Separatist alliance they will throw me in jail or fine me 5 million dollars. I, of course refused to be coerced. Later that night there was a knock on the door, it was Susan Delacourt and she looked real angry. She told me to hand over the cash or there would be trouble. Luckily, I used the force, and told her "I wasn't the 2 droids she was looking for". Whew!

Hinchey's Store said...

CAW - great minds think alike I suppose...!

Alex said...

You are leaps and bounds above anything the Star can churn out.

Anonymous said...

Monday's always bring me down, however this one is a bit different inasmuch as parliament re-convenes and supposedly everyone will be full of p&V.
Can't wait to see how the day unfolds and if anything has changed in the way of decorum in the HOC. I highly doubt it.
Right off the bat, opposition will hammer at the government for not getting people out of harms way in Egypt. You know the consequences of visiting a country in turmoil, stay out or get out toot-sweet!
Citizens of convenience - don't make your problems my problems! Continuously bailing you out is not an option.
Dual citizenship - 6 months to choose which country you wish to belong too. One or the other but not both and make it law.

E Mac