Monday, January 17, 2011

Ignatieff And The Star Caught In A Major Lie....

So the Star was quick out of the gate to defend Ignatieff from the new Conservative ads about to be released. Pretty much expected. The l;arger problem for both Ignatieff and The Star is the article contains completely false information. From the Star article:

"After appearing at Toronto’s Harbord Collegiate Institute, Ignatieff denied supporting a coalition against the government, and said Canadians should think about what the Conservatives aren’t saying in the ads. (Liberal support for a coalition to defeat Prime Minister Stephen Harper predated Ignatieff as leader.)

Two problems. Number one, Ignatieff supported the coalition with Dion as leader and then himself when chosen as Dion's replacement. Number two, despite Bob Rae's misleading, no, make that lie, Ignatieff signed the coalition pact. (seee picture above).

"Interim Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said Wednesday he's prepared to vote out the Conservatives and enter into a governing coalition with the NDP if next month's federal budget isn't in the country's best interest.

"I told caucus I will vote non-confidence in this government. I am prepared to enter into a coalition government if that is what the Governor General asks me to do," he said during an Ottawa news conference shortly after the Liberal party's national executive appointed him to replace St├ęphane Dion.

Need more proof?

1. He told Canadians, "I would not exclude making arrangements or agreements...with other parties that will allow me to govern." (Macleans, February 16th, 2009)
2. "Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff said he's always been prepared to work with other parties to form a coalition…" (Hill Times, May 17, 2010)
3. Ignatieff told the Canadian Press that he was open to forming a coalition with the NDP but that he would not talk about it until after an election. (Canadian Press, June 6, 2010)


Anonymous said...

lets not forget his "a coalition if necessary but not necessarily a coalition". cant remember where i heard or read that but it was uttered by iffy.
the star no longer surprises me with their mistatements and outright lies.


Ruth said...

great post...welcome back

Anonymous said...

Some may call them "attack ads", but I think "truth ads" is a more accurate description. Backing up statements with facts, ie sources and dates is the way to go. But I'm sure the MSM will come to Iggy's defence. The PM is just plain mean. Facts? Who needs facts.

Alberta Bob

Anonymous said...

And didn't iggy say, I could have been Prime Minister - does he or anyone really believe Dion would have resigned if the coalition had taken place. He would have been PM, as iggy was not the leader.
Today or yesterday,iggy said he has lots of federal and provincial strength on his front bench. He said on, not for. Big difference. Almost like his smt his father got on a boat with nothing, and the media has given him a pass. Lying is not the way to get the immigrant vote.
Mary T
Welcome back Paul.

Jen said...

no 4: Ignatieff when asked by Kevin Newman for Global National on the coalition said to Kevin "I have no choice but to honour my signature on the agreement"(coalition).

I tried to find that tape, but to no avail.

The reason why the media can attack the conservative 24/7 because there are no other media to take them to task, that's why the media can do as they please until such time a more reliable canadian media will take root.

And other thing the msm have been attacking the conservatives with attack lies of theirs (medias)and they have thr nerve to say that the conservatives are on an attack. Spare me.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Alberta Bob.. I would be disappointed if the CPC were to put out lies like the "guns in your streets" or the other ones the lieberals put out in the last election. The truth will set us free.

Rob C

paulsstuff said...

Thanks everyone. Have had some nagging health issues. Nothing life threatening but taken a lot of energy out of me. Things are looking up now.

Frances said...

All my ancestors came over on boats, too. Just not first class.

Anonymous said...

At the rate iggy is lying we will soon hear that some great something or other survived the Titanic.
Mary T

Dr Roy said...

Glad you are better Paul. Nice to see you back.

gimbol said...

Put this another way.

Its not just Iggy's signature on that document, but every liberal MP that warmed an opposition seat at that time that where willing to sell out to the separatists.