Saturday, January 22, 2011

Liberal MP's Using Office Budget For Campaign Style Pamphlets?

Received from Liberal MP Mark Holland in the mail Friday, a mailing from his Hill office concerning the Liberal family care plan. Looks an awful lot like (pre) campaign literature, paid for by the taxpayer. Here is the telling point of the pamphlet:

"That's why a Liberal government will invest $1 billion a year in a new Family Plan. (in bold font on the mailer). Our plan reflects the real value of family caregivers in our society- their value to our economy, our health, our families, and our communities."

So correct me if I'm wrong, but there is only one way we could have a Liberal government, an election. What this mailer from Holland consists of is taxpayer funded campaigning. Now given all the flack from the likes of Kady O'Malley and the other usual suspects in the msm over the Conservatives using CBC footage in ads paid for by the Conservative Party, I'd like someone to actually find out if these flyers are against house rules for use of the office budget. At the very least, it shows the Liberal Party continues to have it's disdain for Canadian's by abusing taxpayer money for it's own party's benefit even if it falls within guidelines..


maryT said...

Seems Holland is saying, do as I say, not as I do.

Anonymous said...

Like most things Liberals do, it probably skirts a gray area that makes it just squeek by. But the Liberal should be taken to task on substance and principle no less. (real conservative)

Alberta Girl said...

Hey...don'cha know that if Liberals do it - good; if Conservatives do it - bad.

Get with the program already!!!


Joanne (BLY) said...

Waiting for MSM to run with this one.

Waiting, waiting... *crickets*

Jen said...

Paul, Liberal invest? Must be on themselves and their 'fly by night' media.
But definetely not on Canadians.

During the recession the liberals had the nerve to tell the poor "I feel your pain" but not one dime not a penny of the liberals' 40million dollars was given to the poor.