Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Education Creates Jobs...

At least so says Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff. And he must be right. In fact, through his education he himself was able to get jobs. Problem was those jobs were outside of Canada. Last I checked Harvard was not located in any of Canada's provinces or territories.

Perhaps someone in the Tory war room might actually think thats worth pointing out to both Ignatieff and the msm. And maybe point out it was not that long ago Ignatieff was up in arms about a possible hike in EI premiums. Said it would hurt the economic recovery by forcing employers to pay increased premiums. Apparently wanting to raise corporate tax rates 1.5% won't affect the economy though.


Ardvark said...

I put this in the top 5 of stupid things Ignatieff has said.

L said...

If "education" creates jobs, how come so many recent grads can not find work in their fields? Certain types of education can improve prospects, and most provinces (and the feds) already have many programs. All could be improved. As well, this is a provincial responsibility - the last thing we need is some kind of expensive new national program. Iggy does not have a clue how to make education create jobs, so this is another empty comment.

Ruth said...

"the last thing we need is some kind of expensive new national program" Agreed L. The Liberals want to put in a national daycare, and eldercare program so they have to find the money for them somewhere. We do not need them.
The Provinces have daycare programs as well as lots of homecare programs for the elderly.

Jen said...

But L, CBC do not need educated reporters working for them; they feel intimidated. however, they CBC, hire those (reporters) who can be easily swayed to the CBC thinking.

PLUS, you definitely don't need any form of education to work on NATIONAL TELEVISION G/M, T/S.
Any dumbbell can work there.