Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Warren Kinsella- You Can Erase The Memories....

But Google cache doesn't forget.

Seems Kinsella is still pretty peeved by Rocco Rossi's decision to run as a PC under Tim Hudak. On his blog today he has posted comments made by members of the PC Party trying to show Rossi or Hudak in a bad light and as hypocrites. Now I read Kinsella's blog daily in the run-up to election day for Toronto mayor. Ford was my favorite with Rossi being my second choice. I also remember Kinsella writing glowing posts about both Rossi's character and platform almost on a daily basis. So I searched his blog and found nothing about Rossi. Poof. Gone. Vanished.

So I tried Google, a bloggers best friend. Sure enough, posts showed up from Kinsella's blog. But clicking on the link would take you to the original posting on his blog, with the only thing left being "Nothing was found!"

And that's why you gotta love Google's cached page feature:

"It was a great privilege to work for Rocco Rossi, and with his amazing team. As Marcus Gee wrote, Rocco was classy, smart and decent right to the end.

And he was the best choice for Toronto mayor to the end, too.

In politics, however, you sometimes win, and you sometimes lose. We didn’t win. We weren’t going to win.

I joined the campaign late – I, like others, had been waiting for John Tory to jump into the race, to no avail – but I can tell you that Rocco had put together an amazing team and plan in the interim. He had it all. A coalition of Liberals, Tories, New Democrats – plus an abundance of ideas, fundraising and a smart vision.

What he didn’t have, so much, was name recognition. When you are up against career politicians, that’s a problem. So, under the terrific leadership of campaign manager Bernie Morton, we did edgy, creative stuff to capture voters’ attention and support. Much as we tried, it didn’t work.

The cynics and the nobodies and the anonymous chat-room haters – the ones who wouldn’t know how to run a two-house paper route, let alone a political campaign – have started the inevitable sniping at me and Bernie and Rocco and others. That’s fine. Snipe away, nobodies. You are who you are.

I know we had the best candidate and the best team and the best plan. And it was, as I say, a privilege to work for Rocco. I guarantee that we haven’t heard the last of him. (Well, Kinsella sure got that part right)


Anonymous said...

LMAO beautful catch!

Warren K said...

Big deal.

I was mistaken to believe he was principled and decent.

He's all yours, now, Reformatories. You deserve each other.

Anonymous said...

You seem to make that mistake a lot....

paulsstuff said...

Sure Warren I guess that means Brison's not principled or decent then either. Or Rae. Or Martin. Or that whole Belinda thing.

And you yourself stated he had a collection of Conservative and Liberal backers on his campaign team. I guess it just hurts being on the wrong side of this one.

Politics is a blood sport.

Anonymous said...

If the Liberals hate him then he can't be that bad. Too me he seems a 100% red Tory. And if we are going to win the next election we need to bring some of those red tories who have left us back into the party. I think this is a great catch for us and as a red Tory myself I really hope he wins the nomination.

paulsstuff said...

I agree. I liked his fiscal policies and ideas in the mayor campaign.

Anonymous said...

Please don't bother the lying jackal...he's a busy man endorsing the muslim brotherhood and trying to rewrite history...oh wait, that's what you are accusing him of doing here. :)

Anonymous said...

"Seems Kinsella is still pretty peeved ......"

So what? Why do you guys till bother to pay attention to this guy?

I don't bother to read anything he writes. Its not worth the time to go to his blog.

You know hat he's going to say on any given subject matter so really all you have to do is think "Hmmm Let's see Subject X - Kinsella. Ok got it." Then move on.

His time is past. Chretien Martin & co are off moulding .... somewhere.

We are all really busy these days. Why bother wasting time with one guy whos no longer part of the inner circle?

Anonymous said...

The National Post came to the above conclusion a while ago.

(Even though he tried to convince people it was HIS idea to leave. - Sure it was ;D )

There's a few blogs that still allow Kinsella's desperately, increasingly shrill tone to provoke them into continue reading him.

Leeky Sweek said...

"red tories??"

No such thing...they are liberals plain and simple and I don't want them in a "conservative" party watering down conservative principles.