Wednesday, February 2, 2011

What Do These Liberals Have In Common?

They are neither principled nor decent. At least that's if you want to be fair and compare them to Rocco Rossi and apply the same bar to all that Liberals are now applying to Rossi. Now that I think of it, Stronach, Brison, and Martin all ran for the leadership of their now rival party. Rae and Dosanjh actually were leaders of a rival party. None broke any rules, but apparently you can only go right to left without losing your morals.

Must suck being a Liberal these days. I'm sure McGuinty would wanna run as a PC in the next election if he could get away with it.


CanadianSense said...

I don't know if McGuinty reads the papers.

Does our Premier live in a bubble?

maryT said...

Don't forget Garth.

paulsstuff said...

Wish I could:0)

Jen said...

Does our Premier live in a bubble?

CC, when surrounded by the media; protected by the media; spoken for, by the media- the premier of course tend to believe that he is in a bubble.
No questions to the premier is allowed to bypass the 'standing on guard media' without inspection and no attack questions of personal concern to the premier on the economy or any issues is allowed by the 'media guards.'

Any mistakes, mishaps,etc by Dalton or by any liberal mp is instantly erase deleted, re- quoted, re written and or toss under the carpet.
Oh yeah! Dalton and all liberals are heavily protected from the public by the one and only- THE MEDIA.