Monday, February 21, 2011

Ottawa Citizen Latest Example Of Trash Journalism....

The Ottawa Citizen headline: "Tories demand money for impending election campaign in ‘confidential’ memo.

First problem . It's a fundraising letter. They aren't demanding money as the Citizen states, they are seeking donations.

Next:"Inside is a note to Gerstein from the Conservatives’ national campaign chair, Guy Giorno. “Irving, here is a little more on the critical pre-election situation,” it begins. The letter goes on to say that “(Liberal leader) Michael Ignatieff is leading a coalition of opposition parties to bring down the government right after the budget is presented next month.”

Although Ignatieff has long denied any tax-hike plans, Giorno writes, “it is well known that he wants higher taxes.”

Is the author of this article not aware Ignatieff has already said he would raise the corporate tax rate back to 18%? At different times Ignatieff has mused about raising the gst. He has also said he wouldn't rule anything out. Not to mention he wants to spend a minimum $5 billion on National Daycare, the Liberal wet-dream since 1993. Also funny the author denies Ignatieff has any plans to raise taxes, yet never denies Ignatieff is leading a coalition to unseat the Conservative's after the next election.

So lets make a quick summary of the article. Misleading headline? Check. Incorrect information on Ignatieff? Check. Comment attributed to an unnamed source (Don Burroughs?). Check.

Pathetic journalism all around.


Bec said...

I received my 'confidential memo' on Friday and because it had MY name on it, it was 'confidential'.

The contents, never even stirred the juices however after seeing this latest piece of "trash" from the OC, those juices will be reflected with a cheque and pen.

"Trash Journalism" is losing it's punch. There is so much of it so surely we can find a stronger set of adjectives?
Sewer Rat Journalism?
Whatever it is, it's blatantly dishonest and so sour.

wilson said...

Saw that article headline and laughed at the "demanding money"

Oda-gate was more than enough encouragement for me to fling open my cheque book.

It is quite possible that the peabrain who wrote this article doesn't realize 'roll back the corp taxes' IS a tax increase,
and the mental midget is talking about Iffy and the GST.

Anonymous said...

How many letters have been sent out by liberals demanding money with little or no coverage in the media.