Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Door To Door Salesman Who Won't Come Back...

My blogging has been sporadic for some time now due to the amount of time I'm spending working. 7 day weeks 60-70 hours is the norm. The good news is in another month things will be getting back to normal and I can spend more time on the blog.

As you can imagine, home time is important to me as I'm spending so much time at the office. Saturday I arrived home, prepared a quick meal, and two bites in the door bell rang. I'm not impressed. Opening the door I'm greeted by one of the morons selling natural gas contracts. I point out the No Solicitors sign on the door and he says he doesn't know what that means.

I then tell him I'm not interested, and regardless he goes into his selling spiel. This happens three times. Finally I tell him I'm not interested, sorry, and shut the door. And what do I hear? Him calling me a F#$@ing idiot. So out the door I go, telling him to watch his mouth and get off my property. His reaction? He shoves me. Big mistake! Despite the fact I'm coming up on 50 years of age and he's in his early twenties, and six inches taller, he quickly finds himself crumpled on the ground.

I again tell him to leave. Now a smarter person would have taken the hint. But him? Nope. Calls me a F%#@ing C!@#sucker and comes at me again. Kick to the chest, knee to the jaw, a few strikes, and he's flat out on the ground.

The moral of the story? Never judge a book by it's cover. While I look far from menacing, 5-foot-6 with grey hair and glasses, I did spend some years doing martial arts fighting long before anyone ever heard of the UFC.

I'm guessing he won't come back.


Anonymous said...

From everyone who has had to ndue these high pressure creeps; Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Nice! Well done.

Anonymous said...


maryT said...

These guys come around about once a year and do not get treated well, and they keep trying. Last time they sent a young gal and she got an education. I have several clients who were conned into said contract and have ended up paying way higher bills. They will not renew.
What really gets me is when they use some young thing, and asks, could we see the man of the house, insinuating that we females are stupid or else the man will fall for their charm.
Next time that happens I have a new response to shock them.

skuleman said...

Long ago I made a policy that we will not do business with anyone who comes to the door or phones our home - period. That also applies to charities.
I basically work on the assumption that any business that telemarkets is likely a fraudulent organization, or at best sells substandard services at inflated prices. There are way to may fraudsters operating as lookalike charities so I won't deal with them either.

Sammy said...

Bravo Paul...I just wish I could do the same to the morons that keep calling with credit card 'offers',and ALWAYS at the supper hr!

Anonymous said...

when you get phone calls for unwanted sales pitches just say

"hang on a minute, I just need to get a pen"

Then put the phone down and go about your business. Tie up their sales force listening to your TV, sounds of cooking (they always call at dinner time) and my favorite . . . take the phone down the hall to the Loo make LOTS of appropriate sounds then flush the toilet a few times.

After ten or fifteen minutes you can just hang up or you can taunt the fool by saying "Are you having fun because I am"

Anonymous said...

If this story is true then I hope to buy you a beer someday.