Sunday, January 10, 2010

Kady O'Malley Is The Rose Of Canadian Journalism

No not the flower. I'm talking about the whack-job character Rose from the TV sitcom Two And A Half Men. Kady's obsession with all things prorogue and anti-Harper seems to be getting to the point of worrisome. Much like the Rose character from the show, Kady seems to have developed tunnel vision in all her editorials and posts.

Perhaps now that she is at CBC she has already had the required leftist-lobotomy required to be a member of that organization. Maybe all that hair coloring or whatever it is she uses has caused permanent damage. Whatever the cause, Kady exhibits all the same character traits as Rose, a very bright and smart mind and yet still mentally unstable at the same time.


Anonymous said...

But there's no Liberal/anti-Conservative bias in journal-jism. A journalist even told me so!

Holy cow, what sort of low life makes a career out of that?

frmgrl said...

Check out today's post at Sandy's blog

wilson said...

Latest from CBCs kady:
PMO fights back

''Ignatieff Liberals Renew Attack on Canadian Soldiers

Michael Ignatieff, unseen in Canada until Thursday night, when he arrived on a flight from Europe after an extended vacation, has launched a small-budget ad campaign intended to distract attention from his lengthy absence.

The ad campaign renews the Ignatieff Liberals' claim about a "coverup" of "torture" of Taliban prisoners. Mr. Ignatieff persists in this attack even though the allegation that torture was covered up represents a direct attack on the men and women of Canada's Armed Forces.

The Ignatieff Liberals like to pretend that their wild allegation bypasses the soldiers who captured and handed over Taliban prisoners -- but that's just not logical.

The rest of Mr. Ignatieff's ad campaign is more of the same -- idle chatter that is out of touch with the real priorities of Canadians -- including Canadians' number one priority, the economy.

Our Government is hard at work and remains hard at work on the things that matter to Canadians, in particular the economy. This includes completing implementation of our Economic Action Plan, returning to balanced budgets once the economy has recovered, and building a strong economy for the future.''

Kit said...

Kady (like in Kady Lang??? what?)
Why should anyone care what she thinks... big assumption that she is even capable of sentience.

frmgrl said...

Kady's always struck me a sort of a flake.

Anonymous said...

Pretty pathetic that the only way people will visit the blog of a professional loser like yourself, Paul, is if you smear a few that are well-known and successful.

Big Red Magnum said...

Why do you think she got the job?
If they wanted facts or engaging stories from a popular blogger they would have asked SDA or Angry.
She's a nut job and a perfect fit for the CBC and it's college and university audience, extended education in socialism 101.

cantuc said...

I like how she tries to do pre-emtive strikes on how the conservatives are most likely to reply and decides that because she decided that , they can't reply in that way . Delusional behavior , seems like . She even goes as far as telling her liberal groupies how clever she is " See liberals ? I told you so "

paulsstuff said...

"Pretty pathetic that the only way people will visit the blog of a professional loser like yourself, Paul, is if you smear a few that are well-known and successful"

Kady smears the PM daily to draw readers to her blog. And the fact I'm a Blogging Tory is normally a bit of a clue I am on the right-side of the political spectrum.

I myself desribe a professional loser as one who runs around posting anonymous comments.

Fay said...

Kady leads the MSM in Conservatives BAD and Liberals Good all on the taxpayers dime . She loves herself and is quick to smear any journalist that supports the Conservative.( Christie Blanchford supporting the military) I see we are paying her overtime today to smear the Prime Minister and the military some more.

wilson said...

Anony is one of kady's groupies.
She's cute as a button, and likely in anony's dreams.

While Libs were tied or even higher than Cons in the polls,
kady did a really good job of poll breakdowns an analysis.
Then, in the toilet Libs numbers went, and stayed there;
neither kady nor Libs do poll breakdowns anymore.

wilson said...

ps. before kady went to the CBC,
she at least attempted to criticize both sides.

CanadianSense said...

Reporters do what they are told. If the CBC want to go negative on Harper they tell their staff to push that angle.

When they smell (manufacture) a scandal or issue they will spend money to blow it up for ratings.

When the issue has lost its rating appeal they abandon the story.

Investigative journalism has died many years ago.

Terry was thrown under the bus by the CBC at APEC. It took him over a year to return after Peter Donolo pushed the CBC to silence him. (No outrage by CBC) Freedom of the press.

Dylan said...

CanadianSense is the only one on this blog who actually is talking any sense.

Journalists do as they are told. Ratings are the only thing that matters.

Liberal scandal? Stop the presses!
Harper agenda? Stop the presses!

What kind of politico and armchair prime minister isn't reading everything that has the word "prorogue" in it? Kady (yes, like Kady Lang - what's your point Kit?)

Ratings do not equal a conspiracy, they're the name of the game. Suck it up.

Anonymous said...

Oh and here comes Dylan to shill for the Liberal propaganda dept. (oops I mean MSM).

Dylan is probably a journalist himself.

Four things are certain:

1) The MSM is overwhelmingly biased in favour of the left.

2) The MSM will NEVER admit this.

3) When regular people (those with non-MSM *USEFUL* jobs) complain that the MSM is Liberal supporting, journalists and Liberals will be the only ones defending the MSM.

4) These defenders will NEVER identify themselves as journalists or Liberals. Yet, if you read many of their postings you can usually pick up enough unintentional clues to identify them as to which of these two groups they fall into.

CanadianSense said...


you might find this funny. In the US some media are in the tank for Obama as the same for Canada.

The left have a difficult time accepting in a democracy people decide who leads.

Bec said...

Cuts are coming (imo) and the CBC will be on the chopping block. That is the main reason this canker is so anti-conservative. Conservatives hate them for their wasteful and pointless purpose in the Canadian landscape. We support them financially and receive absolutely nothing of value back.(it's hysterical that they advertise on Fox news)

CTV, is no better and let's face it, they poll and have likely determined that they have lost Conservative viewers too. What they are missing is that we are also not supporting their advertisers.

Kady, is not a real journalist, she is a gossip columnist and good for her but let's get real, so are most of them and thus making them a dime a dozen.

Her reluctance to investigate Climategate, was the telling tale because a GREAT journalist may have a political favorite but NO ONE should ever know what it is.


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