Friday, January 1, 2010

Heather Malick Reinforces The Fact She Is An Idiot

I won't bother linking to her pathetic editorial, but this one paragraph shows all one needs to know of her apparent ignorance of our federal government and how it works.

"Look, I can't even call my federal MP, a Liberal member of the opposition, because she's effectively out of commission for the next two months. All that's left to me is to tell you what it's like here and why you should care."

The problem Ms. Malick, is that all MP's have what is called a constituency office located in their riding. While Parliament is prorogued, MP's spend time in their office talking to their constituents, helping with an array of issues or problems they may be experiencing. EI and Immigration to name a few.

Then there is that whole pathetic argument about Parliament being shut down for three months. FYI, Parliament shuts down yearly for the Christmas holidays, and was set to reopen January 25th, 2010. The Pm's proroguing of Parliament added less than a month of actual sitting days.

Oh, and I'll be sure to mention this particular paragraph to my American friends and relatives:

"Harper, that strange vengeful man you will see in February clapping awkwardly as Olympians leap off mountains and shoot past in the luge, has been on a mission since his youth to turn Canada into a pale, watery version of the United States of America. Even then, the US was well into its identity-switch into the undereducated, paranoid, self-destructively aggressive overspent mess we watch now with grim fascination."


Alberta Girl said...

Do these people think that Canadians actually believe the crap they write.

It's 36 days - not two/three months!!!!!!

I wish they would stop lying!

And you are right Paul, she can call her MP's office - does she really think they are all sitting on a beach somewhere. If she does, she doesn't deserve the job she has, because she is too stupid!

Do these journalists that are lying have no consious - they know full well they are 'stretching' the truth, yet they do it anyway.

I guess my values are just better than theirs.

byng said...

Heather is, and always will be, the shrill, hateful voice of word twisting, so popular amongst the lying left - she finds her own country so disgusting, she slags it from afar - never referring to Mr Chretien's proroguing parliament 4 times, with no fuss at all, from the biased likes of her

Joanne (True Blue) said...

"Look, I can't even call my federal MP, a Liberal member of the opposition, because she's effectively out of commission for the next two months.

That one caught my eye too. I was just about to do a post on it but you covered everything I would have said.

The only thing I might have added that it is entirely within the realm of possibility that her Liberal MP does indeed see it as an extended vacation as opposed to most of the other hard-working MPs.

In any cse, I'd love to see Adler take this one on.

Alberta Girl said...

I sent dear Heather a message on her website telling her that I had assumed that she had signed the '
journalist ethic's' and she had lied about the time frame.

I told her I was waiting for her correction, although I won't hold my breath.

Anonymous said...

We used to call people like the "fish-wives" because of their shrill cacophony. After a while you dial 'em out.

Joanne (True Blue) said...

I just added an update on ROFT

Brian said...

The left is really "bent out of shape" because their wonderful , truthful , caring , omnipotent , natural-governing-Liberals , are in opposition and even if the next election produces another minority , appear destined to opposition for the foreseeable future.

They truly don't know how to react other than to increasingly distort the issues.

Anonymous said...

Actually, according to the TorSun's editorial it's only 15 days that MPs will miss because I guess they were going to break for the Olympics anyway.

I think what bothers Malick and the like is that nothing she says is going to effect the PM or his long list of accomplishments.

Something folks don't think about is that despite the Liberal whines it does give Iffy and his party more time to get a grip and organize.

Can't wait until the PM privatizes the CBC as a measure to fight the deficit!!!

Anonymous said...


Harper is pathetic ad overly partisan. He has so much potential I justwish he would put as much energy into governing as he does into political gimmicks against the opposition.

Alberta Girl said...


Hey Nony...seems you are so 'desperate' to slam Harper that you didn't take the time to find out that - as a back benchers motion - this doesn't affect the gun registry.

paulsstuff said...

Was that Heather @11:22?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Was that Heather @11:22?


Or her MP?

Blame Crash said...

Hey 11:22 Nony.

They're not "detainees".

They're murderers!!

Don't you read the news!

maryT said...

Can't call Goodale, he is in Arizona. Where is iffy.
And Paul, once you take away all the Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays the House doesn't sit, it comes down to about 22 days, then subtract 10 days for the Olympics and gee, 12 days.
Who is her MP, we should find out and flood her in box with calls saying, Heather is trying to reach you.
Just called the cbc hotline and asked if they were going to be offering a remedial math course so they could learn to count.
Sounds like she has a female lib mp so shouldn't be too difficult to guess who it is.

Blame Crash said...

Oh, I forget to mention what an excellent Post Headline you wrote!

"Heather Malick Reinforces The Fact She Is An Idiot"

It has a certain essence of stunning clarity to it. A real "thing of beauty".

maryT said...

A quick search at Election Target gives me these names for female lib mps in Toronto.
Yasmin ?, Martha Hall Finley, Judy Sgro, Maria Minna, Carolyn of body bag fame, Michelle Simpson, Kristy Duncan.
Only a couple names I have heard of, so perhaps she right, her mp is a non person. If truth be known, Heather probably doesn't even know her mp's name.

maryT said...

She has said she is embarassed to be Canadian, and her last paragraph implies she would not want to be an American, so it is Cuba or Yemin.
In Yemin she could write stories on how to make bombs and kill airline passengers.

Marx-A-Million said...

Heather Mallick is my hero! I am a genius and I have a blog, and therefor by definition am infallible and incapable of making a mistake.

Anonymous said...

Marx-A-Million is the greatest satirist I've ever seen. Such a super strategy, impersonating a Lefty with sarcasm more absurd than a take on Canadian Air Farce! Malick, Marxists, and multi-stripe nonies beware...It is time to establish and enforce the "perimeter concept"...North America is the final bastion of freedom and peace, so we'll say again to this generation: "If you don't love it, LEAVE IT!"

langmann said...

Heather's version of democracy is when the government takes more of my money to spend on pet projects. Anything other than that is a dictatorship.

Heather makes stupid look smart.

Patrick Ross said...

Mallick is a lunatic. There's a reason why she has to have most of her political writing published in a foreign publication.

Her despicable hit piece on Sarah Palin has undermined any semblence of credibility she could pretend to have.

The sad thing about it is that there's still one place that hit piece can be found -- on her own website. Not only has she never said or done anything that even resembled a retraction of that attack, but she she seems proud enough of it to keep it on her webiste.


Anonymous said...

What a great resource!