Thursday, January 14, 2010

Jack Layton Gets An A+, Ralph Goodale F

Jack Layton deserves credit for his remarks on Powerplay yesterday with Jane Taber. When discussing the Haiti tragedy, Jane Taber asked about the effect the House being prorogued on relief efforts for the earthquake. Rather than try and score cheap partisan political points, Layton took the high road and stated that the important issue was helping Haitians in the relief effort and assisting the PM in said cause. He also went on to state that regardless of the HoC being prorogued, that the House would not have been sitting until January 25th so it had no effect on the governments ability to provide relief.

Contrast that with Liberal Ralph Goodale, who somehow managed to link proroguement of the House as damaging to relief efforts. Couple that with John "Chevy" McCallum's recent rants throwing Paul Martin under the bus as knowingly handing Afghan detainees over to be abused.

Peter Donolo must be so proud!!


Anonymous said...

Peter Donolo must be so proud!!

Considering the latest EKOS poll, I'm sure he is.

Fay said...

Right on, Canadians have come depend on the Liberal Opposition to take the low road.

Bec said...

Ya gotta love these chicken sh!t Anony's hey?

A broke party, morally corrupt, no policy and they get all giddy over a partisan push poll.

I wasn't going to get all partisan today with the devastating consequences of the Haitian earthquake but as Fay said, the Liberals and their media slaves, can't stoop much lower. Just think, it's only the first month. They may just exceed last years sleaze.

Anonymous said...

Credit must also go to Gilles Duceppe who showed himself to be a true statesman when he also refused to be drawn into petty politics by Evan Soloman
Evan Soloman posed an un believable insensitive question after Gilles Duceppe had finished talking about how quickly the Government of Canada and
Jean Charist were acting to get help to Haiti
Soloman s question /do you think the response to the tragic earthquake is being hampered by prorogation of parliament/
Gilles Duceppe replied/ this is not the time to discuss that/
this is not word for word quotes but close anyone can replay the episode of power and politics
I was angry and felt sick after watching this exchange but I felt proud of Gilles Duceppe a true Canadian Quebecois


frmgrl said...

Bec, you are entirely right. These polls are push polls to get a desired result by the corrupt liberal media. They are meant to drive opinion.
Liberals are sleazy. Liberals are trying to politize the terrible tragedy in Haiti. Despicable. When you think that Liberals can't get any lower, they go lower still. Pathetic. They don't deserve to govern for years and years to come.

Anonymous said...

That Goodale and CTV tried to politicize the Haiti relief effort should disgust every Canadian. Maybe even enough to stop watching that the trash CTV offers.

I also saw Jane Taber try to work Ignatieff's comments into the conversation and be slapped down because what Iggy offered was wrong advice.

Layton deserves the Official Opposition spot...not Iffy.

Anonymous said...

Soloman continues to live down to my expectations. I occasionally took in portions of his program just to get a laugh out of this partisan jerk, but now he simply nauseates me.
If it wasn't for the fact that the CBC is run by a bunch of socialist propagandists they would post a disclaimer stating that anything that comes out of the mouths of either Soloman or O'malley does not necessarily represent the opinions of the network. In, fact the program should carry a label stating that it is an infomercial for the Liberal Party of Canada.

wilson said...

'Considering the latest EKOS poll, I'm sure he is.'

Libs still under 30....oh, I'm sure Donolo is cheering that.

Let's have that election,
get Iffy out there with the Libs green jobs platform.
Iffy is still a disaster, and will prove it.

wilson said...

Kudos to Jack,
his was sincere and non-partisan about Haiti.
Remember PMSH gave Jack kudos too, re: Native apology

jad said...

This comment from the Ekos pollster does not seem to be getting the attention it deserves (emphasis added) :

“Despite the shock to Conservatives, including the Prime Minister, who shrugged off the prorogation issue, there are some modest notes of comfort for the Tories in this poll,” said Graves. “First, the Liberals continue to be stuck in the sub-30% zone. They are well within reach of the Conservatives now, but the movements in public opinion seem to be driven more by repulsion to Conservative tactics than attraction to Mr. Ignatieff and the Liberal Party.
Moreover, some of the erosion in support has come in the Tory fortress of the Alberta and Saskatchewan and may not have any effect in terms of seats. Also, the last few days of polling saw the CPC fortunes rebounding somewhat, suggesting that it may be difficult for the opposition to sustain public attention on the issue of prorogation.

Erick said...

As Jack Layton said so humbly the government was in recess until the 25th so the prorogation has no effect on the aid to Haiti. The CBC needs to get the facts straight before the ask such stupid questions as Judy VanDusen did at the news conference and Evan Soloman did yesterday.

maryT said...

Perhaps Jack Layton is getting the message, we, even conservatives, would prefer him to Iggy as opposition leader. Keep up the respect Jack and get those liberal voters into your camp.
Jack, forget any ideas of a coalition with the libs, it will just bring you down to their level.
How will you vote on the budget and Throne speech. At least read it and listen before making a decision.
Apply for iffys job, it is yours for the taking.

wilson said...

'Apply for iffys job, it is yours for the taking.'

Jack certainly does overshadow Iffy in the leadership department.

Anonymous said...

Jack Layton's non partisan comments has been noticed from this area of the net.Good for him.


Anonymous said...

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