Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Challenge To TD Bank CEO Ed Clark

In light of the fact you seem to be kowtowing the Liberal agenda of raising taxes, along with your TD co-horts, let's see how much skin you really have in the game. Here is my challenge to you Mr. Clark.

I'm prepared to post on my blog or a site of your choice any of my personal tax returns for the past six years, with all personal privacy information omitted. In return, you also post one of your personal tax returns in similar fashion from one of the past six years.

If you pay your fair share of taxes based on income you should have no issue in posting said information. I await your response.


Bec said...

Brilliant challenge and I don't think I'm alone awaiting the out come.
Forward your challenge to 'the man' himself, the OLO and to a real strong and fair advocate, Charles Adler. Wait until the Adler nation hears this story, wowzers the TD may indeed need to shut their doors in Western Canada and in particular Alberta.
We are already on a roll boycotting "Bed, Bath and Beyond".....what's another loser to add to the list?

Let the games begin!!

Anonymous said...

Red Ed would consider himself above telling us peons anything except "Pay More Taxes"

Rob C

wilson said...

LOL, Liberals are determined to raise our taxes.

Gotta pay for that national daycare and abortions around the globe somehow.

Their election platform must be laced with new spending, eh.

hunter said...

I think bloggers should start posting a list on our sites of what companies we are boycotting, so that every time someone clicks on our sites they see the list. Or maybe it's time for a blog burst against those companies.

CTV just had Pierre and two opposition MP's on and he kept mentioning the was priceless. Let's help him.

Anonymous said...

Clark isn't going to waste his time on a pisant like you.

I challenge Harper to come on my blog or any place he chooses to debate me about anything.

That is a stupid challenge issued by a small mind.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Ya right on!! The leading economist in Canada should shut up about the economy.What does a major financial institution know about money issues?

What does Clark know? He is is just a practicing economist. Harper took a year in school to learn economics and needs no help from Clark!

paulsstuff said...

"Clark isn't going to waste his time on a pisant like you".

Gee, I thought Clark was just an average Canadian.

Anon @7:10. Tell me the name of your blog. I'll debate you on any issue. Anon @7:13. It's called the cap lock key. Maybe learn how to use it. Duh!

Bec said...

Ohhh, those are 3 scary Anony's...I will put money on 'that debate',a one round knockout!
As for the PM debating a legend in his own mind like Red Ed, let Albertans at him first. The Prime Minister doesn't need to stoop to his level.

maryT said...

Sometime ago the PM made some stmt while out of the County and was blasted in the media. I think Iggy even made a comment about it. But, Red Ed can make political stmts re raising taxes on us, while in Florida and it is ok.
Does he think we have forgotten the NEP in AB. Every time it falls off the radar the libs and media bring it back into focus. Sort of like adscam, sponsorship, Somalia and so many other reminders of why we kicked the liberals out.
It would be interesting to find out how many Albertans have moved their accounts out of that bank.
Now we know why that bank lends money to libs for leadership campaigns and election campaigns.

Mutton Chops said...

A poll released today shows that Canadians prefer to slay the deficit with spending cuts - by a large margin. This millionaire doesn't speak for the average Canadian.

Besides, it is well known that the TD bank covers Liberal Party debt.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Edmund Clark that donated $962.56 to the LPC in 2007 and 20 bucks to Iggy's leadership campaign?

Thucydides said...

How about countering with a true plan to revive the economy

Stockwell Day is now Canada's Treasury Minister, and will have to make cuts to government spending amounting to about 8% to reduce spending by $19 billion over the next five years. To make this palatable to voters and the opposition parties, transfer payments are to be considered "untouchable". There is a lot of fat in terms of programs which are either not delivering what is promised, have outlived their usefulness or are mismanaged and can be reorganized to run more efficiently. Consider that large corporations like Canadian Tire or Wal-Mart typically only have five layers of management, while government departments have convoluted structures with multiple layers of management (reputedly as many as 30, but I'll leave that as anecdotal until I see proof)

I think the emphasis on protecting transfers is wrong headed, but that is because I don't see the idea of the State seizing wealth and property from the productive to give to political rent seekers and the non productive as being a proper role for the State.

However, given political reality, cutting transfers to individuals would be electoral suicide, so about $61 billion is untouchable.

We can still look at other areas like transfers to governments (especially governments with their own sources of revenue like offshore oil or hydro), which gives us another $46 billion to work with.

Subsidies should be cut for another @ $30 billion

Crown corporations should be cut as well, since that provides another $8 billion

Adding that up, we can get $84 billion in cuts. Sustained for six years this would allow the entire national debt to be paid off, and if the program is sustained for 12 years then all unfunded liabilities (CPP, pensions, etc.) are also covered.

Not included in this virtuous circle is the possibility of reductions in operating expenses due to the ending of so many programs, and of course the reduction of the $30 billion/year in debt payments. Real tax cuts can be made from the savings here, energizing the economy and in all likelyhood speeding up the entire process through increased tax revenues.

Here is a real program to get behind: don't leave the debt to our grandchildren but pay it off before our children leave school!

Anonymous said...

LIBERAL Ed Clark, (RED ED) President and Chief Executive Officer of TD Bank Financial Group

A former consultantant of Pierre Trudeau has "put words in Harpers mouth" by saying the Government is committed to raise business taxes.
The conservatives immediately publicly announced the claim was untrue and unfounded.

Naturally Michael Ignatia defended his "stooge" but it only makes the French Liberals look worse. They publicly lied (again) in order to make Prime Minister Harper look bad.

Ed Clark (Liberal Supporter) does not represent our Government (thank god) yet he opens his beak and drivel pours out. Perhaps he cannot help it, he is being poked with Liberal sticks.

It is obvious the Liberals want to commit Canadian businesses to higher taxes.

Anyway, i will most certainly not use the TD Bank in my future when they are harbouring Liberal liars.

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