Friday, February 19, 2010

Jack Layton: Canada's Greatest Hypocrite!

So Jack Layton is demanding the PM cancel the upcoming corporate tax cuts and instead spend that money money on aboriginals and the homeless. Says it's the right way to go. One problem Jack, and I'll put it on the record now as I'm sure nobody in the msm will bother to bring it up.

Those same corporate tax cuts you demand be rescinded are the same ones you had no problem passing through in your quest to get you and your wife a cabinet seat and limo:

"Layton referred tangentially to the choice we face when explaining at the press conference Monday why he abandoned his demand that corporate tax cuts be reversed in order to achieve a coalition with Liberal leader Stephane Dion and Bloc leader Gilles Duceppe.

"It's actually done with the notion that people who have had differences of opinion, sometimes quite profound, might be able to find issues and avenues and strategies and ways forward together in difficult circumstances," he said."

So be my guess Mr. Layton, spin away!!!


Jen said...

How many times has Layton supported the budget bill which contain items for the "little guy" as he put it.?

I t seems to me that Layton would have told hhis 'unions' "listen guys, this is no time to ask for money or be bail out. you made your mess. live with it." Instead Layton and the other coalition partners were more concern for their union friends than the little guy.
Layton wants to TAX big businesses where little people work. All these businesses have to do when heavily taxed will either lay off people or pack up.

A guy who lives in my district bought a 'Tim Hortons' franchise, then another and another-he has four, each of these business have hundreds of employees. Had Layton had his chance, he will tax this Tim Horton franchise buyer to the point 2-3of the TH outlets will have to close leaving behind hundred of employees without a job.

People are not going to risk their business and everything they worked under the regime of the Coalition parties.
Layton is like Hugo Chavez, they both fill the minds of the innocents with milk and honey; yet they will not like to see those innocent people prosper. It is a sign of weakness for the socialists that their grip over the little guy will slip away.

Martin said...

Is this the same fellow who lived in subsidized housing, while he and his wife enjoyed salaries of Toronto councillors?

Anonymous said...


Yes that's the same guy

Funny how the world goes round isn't it

Anonymous said...

Jack and Olivia are DINK-M.P.'s with paychecks that the average canadain can dream of.


Since the NDP MP's are all forced to vote as Layton dictates during serious Votes in the House, then why not save money by Jack voting for his Party by Proxy and all his MP's lose one days pay for the homeless. Imagine the Carbon footprint for all those Limos and Jets to get all that Deadwood into the House just to wait for Buffalo jack to pull Hoowdy's strings to stand on the YES count by the Speaker.

The NDPer's are know as Watermellons or traffic lights.

* They're GREEN on the outside and RED on the Inside.

* They're GREEN's to YELLOW to admit they're really RED.

Olivia and Jack ride in the Pride Parade while claiming to fight for childrens Rights and Youth issues, BUT, the overt male Nudity in front of little boys during the Parade is a violation of the U.N. Charter Of Rights for Children to be free of Psychological harm forced on them by Adults .
Just ask yourself if you could get away with taking your 8 year old daughter into a Bar where a female dancer on stage undressed to her shoes and flashed her nudity to your child?
The Cops would be there and the CAS would take away your Daughter as a abusive parent at which you then get dragged into Court to be charged and labelled a Unfit parent to lose access to the child.

But if you take her to the Pride parade the Police will protect your Right to see naked men flash your little girl as the Police chief rides in the Parade with the Mayor of Toronto.

Where's jack and Olivia on the Violation of the U.N. Charter that canada signed onto ????
Or does the NDP only like the U.N. when Israel is bashed for the slighest perceived Violation by the pro-Islamists in canada?

gitardood said...

How does Jack think giving even more money to people already dependent on public monies, is going to make things better? In this article by James Lewis,at Affirmative Action text
he chronicles the failure of such policies in effecting real change for the better in the lives of those affected.
Jack plays the game as Jack sees fit in hopes of appearing as "all things to all persons" and get more votes.