Monday, February 15, 2010

The Olympics-A Great Time To Be Canadian, Unless You work For The CBC

So far the Olympics have been fantastic, The opening ceremony was awe inspiring. Canada has had a decent showing in medal wins so far, including the first ever gold won on Canadian soil by a Canadian athlete. People viewing the Olympics via TV and the net see the scenic beauty that is Vancouver and British Columbia.

And the CBC seems to be doing everything within it's power, not to mention billion dollar budget from Canadian taxpayers, to be the downer of the party. Much of CBC's coverage has been pathetic.

1. Not enough french.
2. Too many white people.
3. Not enough natives.
4. Too much money spent on athletes.
5. Not enough money spent on athletes.
6. PM playiong partisan games paying for own tickets.
7. Michael Ignatieff not playing partisan games paying for own tickets.
8. Canada's fault for death in luge.
9. Canadian luge team to blame for death by hogging practice time.
10. Donavan Bailey not invited to join opening ceremony.

The list goes on. If anybody at the CBC reads this, you can see why the writing is on the wall for your public funding to be pulled. Giving you taxpayer dollars is like funding TMZ. Worthless gossip nobody cares about.


byng said...

Amen - let us defund this left wing boondoggle, before they destroy our fine country, with their constant lecturing and bias

Anonymous said...

I'd like to see the CBC privitized. If CTV can survive, so can the CBC. Maybe FOX would be interested. It would be nice to have a fresh perspective on things.

maryT said...

Extra time/days were allotted for non canadian teams to practice on the luge, and other sites, for a week but nobody took advantage of it. Nobody came to practice.
If this luger was so frightened of the track, he could have said no.
I imagine there will be lots of stmts by all kinds of people saying things there is no way to prove.

Anonymous said...

As annoying as the CTV coverage is, with all the hyperbolic boosterism, it is nice to see the CBC shut out of this games.

NBC's coverage is worse.
Case in point: the speedskating delay.
They spun the delay as being harmful to the skaters who went after.
But the best times were posted after the delay.

So, I think, more events and less talking monkeys.
Like when the CBC went on strike and the CFL games were announced without 'colour'.

Anonymous said...

Read Heather Mallick's newest rant regarding the Olympics.
She must be chronically constipated to write the stuff that she does and the CBC seems to love her.
She seems to be very successful in expanding her audience in Britain judging from the vitriolic comments from Brits about their hatred of Canada.
What kind of person continually pisses on their own country and encourages others to do likewise.

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen any comments about how the Quebec athletes seem to be very happy to represent Canada and hear the national anthem sung.

Sammy said...

On Sun.nite's The National,Pouty Petey Mansbridge went off on a 10 min.crybaby rant about cbc not getting the contract to cover the Games..whined about cbc being shut out of all the media events,not being allowed to show the video of highlights etc.It was just pathetic.Last nite,as he spoke about cancellations due to poor weather,he smirked as he flirted with the weather gal.It's as if cbc is really cheering for Canada to fail,or to look bad on the world stage,just to get even for loss of coverage.
CTV coverage is just as pathetic.I find the interaction between the 'hosts' almost painful to watch.When Shameless O'reagan and 2 gals can spend 5 min discussing the zipper on his jacket..and that's supposed to be interesting..I just can't watch anymore.
Heather Hiscox's updates are stomach churning to say the leastHas there ever been a more phony display?EPIC FAIL!

Platty said...

It's as if cbc is really cheering for Canada to fail,or to look bad on the world stage...

That, my friend, is the CBC in a nutshell. I'm sure they have a sign beside every camera in every CBC studio, just to remind the talent, that says ....."Keep em down"


Anonymous said...

Fuck the CBC!

Jen said...

The 'IRON CURTAIN CBC' just doesn't get it this is not Siberia; this is Canada, a country they have no use for.

No wonder the prime minister has to go to the States to deliver his message to canadians.

What kind of person continually pisses on their own country and encourages others to do likewise.

.....A person who has no name no pride no self respect no dignity. Just hate.

Maybe FOX would be interested.

...Of course they will; especially after we give them full details of the LPOC corruption and failure to return the missing money and the canadian national media silence on the issues.