Wednesday, June 4, 2014

The True Health Care Legacy Of Dalton McGuinty And Kathleen Wynne

You know, every time I hear Kathleen Wynne say Tim Hudak will ruin health care I myself start to feel ill. You see, health care in Ontario already is being ruined, and it's been occurring since 2003, the year the McGuinty/Wynne Liberals came into power. I could mention the fact Mike Harris actually increased health care spending at a faster rate than the McGuinty/Wynne Liberals. I could also inform you that Mike Harris increased health care spending at a time when the Liberal federal government , under then Finance Minister Paul Martin was cutting $25 billion from health care. That would be the same Paul Martin now working on Kathleen Wynne's campaign team. Yep, the former finance minister who made the largest cuts to health care spending in Canadian history is one of Wynne's most trusted campaign advisers.

 But I don't really need to. No mention of anything is necessary to show the utter destruction of Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne on our health care system in Ontario. In fact, cuts to health care under the Liberal government have taken their greatest toll on those who need it most. Seniors, the elderly who have paid their taxes and expected to be properly taken care of by their government. The sad reality is that hasn't happened. And the reason rests solely on the shoulders of Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne. Due to their sheer and utter incompetence in governing this province, due to their  #1 priority being to enrichen those with connections to themselves, rather than the people of Ontario, the people who they swore oath to serve and protect. Throwing billions of dollars around in scandals that put no Ontario voters interest in the forefront, but rather to keep themselves in power at any cost.

 To be 100% certain, the Ontario Liberal Party of Dalton McGuinty and Kathleen Wynne have left a legacy to be felt for many years ahead, leaving societies most vulnerable citizens as nothing more than collateral damage in their own thirst for power. And that legacy I'm sad to say, is a legacy seniors will suffer and endure through no fault of their own.


Pissedoff said...

And now they are trying to buy votes with it

Ontario to fund life-saving meds for girl, 12, ‘within weeks

Question is why not now, why after the election. If of course they mean it.

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