Sunday, June 29, 2014

2014 Ontario Election Proves Hudak PC's Were Not An Effective & Acceptable Change Of Government Option

 With the 2014 election campaign, with dreams of optimism for Ontario's future now relegated to a nightmare set to last 4 more years under the Kathleen Wynne led Liberals, the talking point that governments need an effective opposition is now becoming painfully clear. And in my opinion, not withstanding the 100,000 job cuts debacle from the PC platform, it is the main reason Kathleen Wynne is premier, Tim Hudak has resigned as PC leader, and PC supporters are now focusing on the new future leader, whoever that may be. Stephen Harper ousted the Liberal Party of Chretien/Martin, who had ruled from 1993 through 2006, by making himself and the Conservative Party of Canada look like a party voters could see as ready for office.

 Reflecting back now on both the 2011 and 2014 Ontario elections, I just don't see Tim Hudak and his party ever having put in place this strategy, which I think directly reflects in the final results of the most recent election. The million jobs pln was a nice slogan, but it's not something I would have run on as the main plank in my campaign. Yes, jobs are a hugely important issue. However, in my opinion, the issues Ontario voters have been dealing with since Dalton McGuinty first got into office on a lie of no new taxes is being able to afford to live in the province. Every Ontario taxpayer feels the effects of McGuinty's "Ontario Health Levy". Given that most Ontario voters had just done their income taxes this tax would have been fresh in their minds. But I don't ever remember neither Hudak nor Horwath even give passing mention to this tax, which did absolutely nothing for Ontario health care, instead going into general revenues for Liberal boondoggles like ORNGE, E-Health, OLG, Green Energy scams, etc. The tax takes in roughly $3 billion per year, so McGuinty/Wynne's grand take so far is in excess of $33 billion. And yet somehow they still managed to add nearly $160 billion onto the provinces debt.

 Another issue would be the implementation of the HST. Can't say as I remember any PC press releases mentioning the fact roughly 11 cents of every litre of gas was due to the Liberal HST being added. Given sky-high gas prices, the fact Hudak never attacked Wynne on this leaves my mind boggled and confused. Nor did he hammer home the cost of the HST to taxpayers on their home heating and electricity costs. Promising to remove these taxes would have been far more effective than the 10% reduction in personal income taxes, especially given the fact McGuinty has forever tarnished voters minds of tax promises with his repeated lies. Also, given a 40 day campaign, if he led off Day 1 of the campaign with this promise, and reiterated it every day, chances are almost every Ontario voter would have received either a heating or electricity bill during the 40 days of the campaign, giving them a taste of the virtual reality the HST has on them and their families.

 Finally, the number one issue of the election should have been electricity costs. The 42% increase in electricity costs affects both taxpayers, as well as small, medium, and big business. Given the scandal of the gas plants, the fact the PC war room thought the million jobs plan should be the almost entire focus of the campaign speaks volumes of the incompetence of those crafting election strategy, and the reason I call for every person involved to either resign or be fired.  Given the fact seniors and retirees are greatly feeling the effects of Liberal energy policies more than most, and given the fact they are the most reliable demographic to actually turn out and vote, not making this the focal point is, in my opinion, as stupid as stupid gets.

 So with all I have written here in mind, I've decided I might be ready to actually step into politics, either as a PC nomination candidate in the next Ontario election, or once given the financing rules for the leadership of the PC Party of Ontario. While I would be the longest shot of anyone entering the race for PC leader, I think it would be a worthwhile effort to have my voice heard, as well as many who comment here, on both the future of the party as well as future of the province. And being a lifetime union member, I would welcome any personal attacks by the Working Families Coalition that would result in face to face live debates where I could rather easily show Ontario voters how corrupt the upper echelons of many of the major unions have become.  And also show Ontario voters there is a road back to the prosperity once enjoyed by the former greatest province in Canada.


dmorris said...

Good post. I essentially agree with all your points,almost fell off the sofa when I heard Hudak announce the 100,000 layoffs and creation of one million jobs on the nightly news.

His campaign team must be the worst bunch of amateurs ever assembled in Ontario politics.

The mention of the HST and the electric Bills would have given the public something to chew on,and somebody to blame,why this issue was never used is beyond my understanding.

I wish you the best in your attempt to run for PC leader,hope you have the oratorical skills of Obama,and nice hair(that's a joke).

Martin said...

Like you I am still waiting to hear of mass resignations at PC party headquarters. Anyone there could have read your blog, or many other posts expressing outrage at electricity costs. A simple illustration could have shown the link to the GEA, the billions wasted on wind turbine plants and the direct result on home energy bills. Hudak obviously was afraid to do this and left it to Lisa MacLeod and others;the message had to come from the leader and be directed at downtown Totonto, not Bruce Co.
The list you provided offered a dozen files where clear, sensible,non-radical policies could have been well received. A shame that no one was listening.

Anonymous said...

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