Monday, June 9, 2014

The List Of What Union Leaders In Ontario Are Endorsing, And It's Pretty Ugly...

 Since the 2003 Ontario provincial election, unions have been spending millions on attack ads always aimed at whoever is the Ontario PC leader of the day. In both the 2011 and now current election, Tim Hudak has been the target of their attacks. Let's be honest, if the pope was leader of the PC's the unions would be attacking him in the same manner. Both Ernie Eaves and John Tory are also victim of these partisan attacks that reflect not what's best for the province of Ontario or the rank and file these union heads represent, but what many allege are backroom deals worked out between the governing Liberal party of Kathleen Wynne and public sector unions who refuse to accept the fiscal situation of both the province and global economy.

 Now in elections past many have cut the unions some slack, as political activism has always been a part of the union movement. However, this election is unlike any other in the history of the province. Multiple police investigations of the governing party ongoing during a campaign are unheard of in Ontario's history. Scandal after scandal, billion after billion of wasted taxpayer money should be enough for any union leader to look at the other parties as viable options to support. Here's the thing, the McGuinty/Wynne Liberals have a record, a horrible, disgusting record for the past 11 years. We've all seen it. In fact during the campaign we have now seen more scandals coming into view. MaRs, Metrolinx, lawsuits with charges of bid rigging to ensure those connected to the Liberals reap billions in contracts.

 With all that said, let's take a look at what the unions are actually endorsing. As I've stated in the past, I'm willing to debate the heads of any of the unions on live tv, unscripted, to debate them on how they can support what has gone on and what will continue to go on under the Liberals and Kathleen Wynne should she be re-elected:

  • Government corruption
  • Government waste
  • Cronyism costing taxpayers billion$
  • Crippling debt and interest payments
  • Cutbacks in front line workers to offset bloated management
  • Higher Taxes
  • Higher Service fees
  • De-listed medical services
  • 300,000+ lost manufacturing jobs
  • Seniors crushed by electricity bills
  • Billion dollar cheques to corporations
  • Hiding of scandals
  • Crumbling infrastructure (11 years more deteriorated)
  • Deaths as a result of policies (ORNGE, C-difficile)
  • Denied medication, surgery for those in need.
None of the above is defensible. In fact, the union leaders who think these things are worth overlooking really speaks as to how unfit they are to be leaders, as is Kathleen Wynne and the Liberal Party of Ontario. When a government is facing allegations of criminal breach of trust, can anyone really justify supporting them? I can't.

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Pissedoff said...

If the Liberals win all OPP investigation will stop. They are not going to go after their beloved party.

Unknown said...

Never in my lifetime, have I see the corruption and abandoning of any shred of decency or principles as I have in this election - not just the Liberals themselves, but the unions, the media, the pollsters, and especially the people on Ontario who can actually support this kind of campaign.

This is not the Ontario I know, it is a cesspool of anger, hate, division, all thanks the the Liberal government of Kathleen Wynne.

That being said, if you are as disgusted with this as I am, there is a remedy - go out and cast a ballot on Thursday. Don't think your vote does not count, it does. That's the message we can all send to this cabal of progressives and unions - throw the bums out.

paulsstuff said...

Yep. Step 1, get Hudak elected premier. Step 2, change Elections Ontario laws regarding third party spending.

tao_taier said...

You left out minimumwage hikes:

The economically suicidal city of Seattle is planing on the same:


I only shot an email out to you over it, as the other bloggers like MiltonConservative don't have their email publicly available. Never got around to making my own.

I didn't bother commenting on that one fake "tory"(statist infil) blog that was professing there was nothing wrong with minimum wage price controls...[!]
Every comment he made was effortlessly refutable and then some.

However, I didn't want him know the evidence against it only to muddy the waters. Like the ones responsible for making the link/information on how it was a leading(#1) cause of the great depression, to get buried under many many pro MW pages of a precise google search.

It's one of the reasons why I'd rather "preach to the choir" first, than to blurt it out on a troll. This way it gets tested by other knowledgeable people who can correct or add to the info base.

So in regard to minimum wage, the proof against it is as the worst economical policy (EVER) is overwhelming. It's the best argument against the left wing parties. Would crush the NDP's youth vote if they knew the truth.
So get the word out and don't be drowned out by the FUD factor.

tao_taier said...

Had anyone listed to me, and took out the minimum wage, we would of won the youth vote... instead they voted for free government cheese in the form of tuition "freezes".

PC's should of been less P and more C, on that file... was easy pickings.

Now we have to wait until enough Liberals lose their seats through criminal investigations and jail time... triggering by-elections, thus triggering another election when enough seats are lost.

It didn't have to come to that but no one listens to me when the going is "good" or in our case less crap than it will be once the private sector flees.

we are about to have the carpet pulled out from under us economically, which in turn is going to drag down the rest of Canada and the federal budget.

It's time for the feds to pick up the slack and go full out free market "Hong Kong" style. (h\t, Milton Freidman's Free To Choose)

Contrast from "progressives" or bust.