Wednesday, June 11, 2014

If Liberal Health Minister Deb Matthews Lied About Madi Vanstone's Medication Being Covered, She Needs To Immediately Withdraw As A Candidate

No excuses, no saying you misunderstood, no saying negotiations are ongoing. Nothing, nada, nilch, zero. Madi sent out a tweet this morning that her mother had just gotten off the phone with Vertex, the company who makes the life-saving drug Kayledeco Madi needs to save her lungs from scarring, and her life. The tweet say Madi's mother just got off the phone with Vertex, who informed her no deal nor negotiations were done.

So Deb Matthews needs to explain immediately if a deal has been consummated to ensure Madi's drugs are covered by the province, or whether she did indeed LIE TO SCORE VOTES. If she lied, nothing Kathleen Wynne or Mathews herself could say to justify the absolute lowest gutter politics ever seen.


ajaxbhoy said...

Looks like there's been an update of some sort. This is becoming interesting and the timing of the original announcement was opportunistic at best. The funding should have already been in place.

Ron said...

Where is the outrage from the media?? Why are they not all up in the face of Wynne and Mathews?
They make me sick.

ajaxbhoy said...

If you're reading this for the first time or taking another look, click on the link. The Twitter link actually updates. It looks like nothing has been done despite some hack's "intervention".