Thursday, January 19, 2012

Kady O'Malley's Sudden Fixation On Donations As A Definite Link To A Party??

I see Kady has herself all worked up about the NCC video, based on facts,(sorry, Kady and Rae can't rewrite history),now trying to show links between the NCC and the Conservative Party, and using donations made by NCC members as proof.

Soooo,remember this? (h/t Joanne at Blue Like You)

"An EKOS poll should be presented with a reminder that Frank Graves of EKOS has donated over $11,000 to the Liberal Party of Canada since 2001"

If I remember right, Kady and her CBC freeloaders, as well as the usual msm suspects, dismissed these donations as nothing, saying they never proved any link between Graves and the Liberal Party, or Graves and the CBC's Liberal bias.

Please explain Kady?


The_Iceman said...

Was Kady drawing similar links between the Liberals and the Working Families Coaltion in the last Ontario election?

maryT said...

The Hill Times has published names and amounts of 4 people that made donations to both NCC and the Conservative party. They also published the amounts given.
So I guess it will be ok to publish names of US envirowacko groups, individuals and other foundations that have donated to canadian radical groups, and native groups to oppose pipelines and other things.
And of course the amounts given. Wonder if that native chief who has pulled support got a few millions to do it, like others have. Any native chief that has taken said money should have all federal money taken away from their reservations. Us or Them comes to mind.

Alain said...

Of course Kady is a first class moonbat, but I, like most of us, would like to see the requirement to make public the funding of all lobby groups and charities. Should this happen poor ole Kady will be the one to regret it, since the list is much too long to make of the blatant corruption on the Left side, and that includes the enviro-nutters and big labour.

Patsplace said...

Sun News is a Conservative biased opinion news source and makes no bones about it, and in fact, is getting rich doing it.

The CBC & it's minions are a lefty biased opinion news source that claim impartiality and are tax payer funded.

What's wrong with this picture?

Joanne (True Blue) said...

Ha! Good post.

I had to go back and google my own source which is here:

Martin said...

David Suzuki's foundation still enjoys charitable donation status with Revenue Canada, despite blatant intervention in the Ont. election.The foundation should be compelled to register as a lobby organization, or Suzuki himself should run for office, if he wants to pursue politics. there is zero chance of that happening.

Don said...


There's nothing wrong with this picture. It's totally in accordance with the "Wilkow Guide to Media Perception" where Conservatives are bad and always will be and Liberals are good and always will be.

Jen said...

Since Kady is trying very hard to sound workable instead of sideline parader with a sign. Here is a veery eeeeeesy question for you.
"How much money did the american unions give the ndp?."

Thucydides said...

By all means lets push the issue of contributions to the left everywhere the question can be asked.

Call in radio shows, letters to the editor (especially the on line "Reader to Reader" type which are much less likely to be edited out of the paper), community radio and TV stations, conversations around the water cooler...

What will probably start the apolitical to wake up to this is discovering the Left is also demanding and consuming tax dollars as well in these lobby efforts (or using tax dollars to subvert and influence elections to maintain their hold on the public purse i.e. "Working Families"). Nothing like hitting the apolitical in the pocketbook.

Thanks for pointing out the importance of links between donors and political parties Kady.