Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Actual EMD Contract Offer

Thanks to an anonymous comment in a previous thread for the link. Yes, it appears they do want a huge wage cut. But many of the other things, including benefits and pension, appear to mirror what GM, Ford, and Chrysler workers gave up in their last round of contract negotiations. I don't know the current pay levels of the classifications listed, so possibly an EMD worker might give me the right figures, rather than the "average $35 wage" Lewenza keeps referring to, which most likely includes skilled trades, skewing the average wage number.

As stated previously, the CAW could show some leadership by lowering the rate of union dues to help offset wage cuts. As for the SCCF, give it up. It's the CAW that benefits from that plan, not the guy working the line.


Anonymous said...


This lock-out is another survival procedure by a company to counteract gluttonous, insatiable, callous “Big Union Bosses” that are enthusiastically coercing the companies into eventual insolvency because of unsustainable salary and benefit demands that are incompetently out of step with the remainder of North America wage/benefit structure.

It time for these workers to reject their worthless, ineffectual incompetent pathetic moronic union leaders, and to go back to work.

Comrade McGuinty must pass “right-to-work” legislation, (big chance!!!!) where Big Union Bosses won’t take advantage of their worker’s job vulnerability so that they can live in luxury.


Anonymous said...

Gee I thought Ontario was a “sense of entitlement” province along with rest of eastern Canada (except Newfoundland) but I guess it’s a “have not province” or a me me me province. If it wasn’t for Alberta, eastern Canada would be living in the dark ages.

It’s so sick how Alberta supports the rest of lazy Canada, especially Quebec and Ontario.

Further proof why Alberta must secede from confederation!


Thucydides said...

The workers might make an end run by leaving the Union and agreeing to be part of the company through an Employee Shareholder Company agreement. IF the company is profitable, the workers get dividends, while if the company is not, then they take it with the company.

Frankly it seems crazy that more companies don't structure themselves as employee shareholder corporations, since workers will have incentive to work for the benefit of their company, and their wages and benefits will be sustainable.

paulsstuff said...

I agree completely. It wasn't that long ago the UAW agreed to profit sharing, and reaped thousands of dollars in bonuses. The CAW had refused profit sharing, instead declaring victory (sound familier) by getting 1%-2% pay increases.

Both current Big 3 workers and retirees are an extended period of frozen wages/pensions, while U.S. counterparts continue to recieve profit sharing.

Paul Kuster said...

What's deplorable is union members dues used to buy a wind turbine to the tune of $2 million at the Family Education Centre in Port Elgin that will prove to be useless and unwanted by the community and staff of the complex. Surely that $2million could be put to helping out in London.

Don said...

Feb 3 2012: Plant closure was announced today. I'm glad this happened rather than string it out forever. At least the workers get EI and severance pay now. As for all those "holier than thou" people who blame workers for not taking a 50% pay cut, they can jump in the lake as far as I'm concerned. It's so easy to stand back from afar and criticize others when it's not your own paycheque being cut in half.