Sunday, January 22, 2012

If I Was An EMD Worker, I'd Be Very Afraid!

Q: Is it true that the union suggested closing the plant instead of instead of discussing concessions?

A: Despite the fact that EMC has tabled economic proposals since May, the union has not addressed any of the market competitive issues faced by EMC, despite a six-month extension of the current collective agreement designed to provide the union with the time to do so. In fact, there has been no counter proposal from the union, but for the suggestion that the parties negotiate a closure agreement, one that EMC has rejected outright.


Anonymous said...

If there was an offer on the table and my Union Ex would not put it in front of me.
Well I would not be the first one to be looking for a new job.
Bubba (Retired Boilermaker)
At the end of the day we all are there for the same reason.
To make a living, my Boss has to make a profit, I have to make a living, what are the numbers?

Seymour said...

The issue is that union wages, pensions and benefits have far outpaced those in the private sector. Even for jobs with large education requirements are barely at par with those workers at EMD.

With globalization, unskilled workers just aren't going to earn these sort of benefits anymore, and they risk losing their jobs with this sort of confrontation.

Anonymous said...

Gotta love the NDP and Leftists because if we go back just a few years it was these groups that bashed CAT because they were selling Equipment to Israel .
CAT was seen as evil for helping The-Jooooos to steal land from the muslims that stold it from the jews originally and backed Hitler in WW2 with the muslim SS Division.

NOW the NDP has the nerve to demand that Harper jump in and use Tax Dollars to keep the faux-job in canada by doing whatever it take to keep CAT in canada.
Kinda like the bogus-Refugee that claims they are fleeing their abusive spouse but once in canada with that Welfare check and housing, they then get a Lawyer to help Sponsor that spouse in to canada .
NDP loves to run from the USA or keep Amercians out , but once CAT is now in canada they want to sponsor the parent Company to stay in canada by sending OUR tax dollars to the US H.Q. so the books show a Profit .
BUT, Peggy Nash was with the CAW and is now the MP for High Park Parkdale and endorses getting rid of the Electric GO Trains and switching to the European-type system.
The NDP Coun's in Toronto got the Electric Buses in my area killed and switched to soot-spewing Diesel buses , and today....they buses still don't run on STR8 bioFuel as Rudolph Diesel designed them to.
The leftists and NDP are usually for something unitl they are against it, or they approach Genocides by being for sending Troops in 3 years after 95% of the deaths .
The railway Unions forced canada to agree to NOT switch to pure Electric Engines because the Mechanics Unions feared losing the jobs to repair or rebuilt Diesel Engines, the TTC has the same problem for the Diesel Buses and Contracts to but dirty-Diesel Fuel rather than pure Bio or Alcohol Fuel as in Sweden where every State run Bus runs clean.

I'm all for Unions, but some Union
Bosses are getting us killed by the pollution and Ponzi schemes .