Friday, January 20, 2012

A Hot Rumour For Glen McGregor Of The The Ottawa Citizen

An anonymous source, only known as raelvr1, has informed me that he has established a direct link between the Blogging Tories and the Conservative Party of PM Stephen Harper. My source, considered as reliable as a Toronto 911 dispatcher, tells me that bloggers who are part of the Blogging Tories have also made donations to the Conservative party and their candidates.

If this is true, it shows a direct link that the Blogging Tories are in fact a partisan group.

p.s. If McGregor had even a shred of journalistic integrity he might have seen fit to make even passing mention of the Ontario Working Families Coalition. Then again, there is quite a difference between the two groups. The NCC rely on donations that are not eligible for a tax credit. Of course McGregor and O'Malley don't seem to bat an eye the the Working Families group uses union dues to fund attack videos against Tim Hudak. And those teachers make quite a nice salary, so those dues qualify them for quite the tax reduction.


Alain said...

Right with a blog named Blogging Tories that is a big discovery. Still to conclude that everyone who participates with posting article or comments is a member of the CPC is pure speculation. We are at least up front with where we stand for whom we stand, and have nothing to hide which is never the case with the collectivist crowd.

hunter said...

You had to leak the connection, didn't you? Now the media will be all over our blogs looking for the smallest connection to the Conservatives.

Now, if the Conservatives would just start leaking information to us, we could get mega scoops. You know like Kady and CBC have all those "anonymouse liberal sources" leaking tidbits to them?

Anonymous said...

For the life of me I cannot understand the fixation of the left stream media and their attempts to defend the Liberal party. Oh, never mind I had a momentary lapse.

Anonymous said...

Should call his blog, Conspiracies 'R Us -

Alberta Girl said...

I see Glen doesn't like dissenting opinions, or being challenged - he blocked me on twitter.

Nice Glen.

paulsstuff said...

"I see Glen doesn't like dissenting opinions, or being challenged - he blocked me on twitter."

Yep, another lefty who screams bout transprency and tolerance and then does the exact opposite when it applies to him.