Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pipelines Pollute, But Apparently Limousine's Don't

If there's a limousine outside your door, you got the part. If not, go back to sleep That limousine was there." Actor Mark Ruffalo


Anonymous said...

These Bozo's that don't understand how the Hospitals and Businisses run each day because of Oil, and the amount of Oil needed for the iPhones and PC games sold on CD's or the lighters for their cigarettes that seem to be very safe in their minds , always amaze me.
But when Gerrard Kennedy from the Liberals in my Area demanded that the Poppy fields of Afgan be sprayed with chemiclas to kill the crops....i was in shock over how stupid he could be to not know that those same Poppy's supply the Post-Operation pain killers and Drugs for our Hospitals as a derivative even if some of the yields go to illegal drugs sales.

The Liberals actually wanted to shut down almost every O.R. in canada, plus take away the Morphine from our Troops in Afghan that may use it on a injured taliban terrorist that the NDP and CUPE would cry about for NOt aiding a injured POW .

My gawd, the morons now run the GREEN movement and the Liberals seems to want to ban all cars just because of one accident on the other side of the Earth.
Lets wipe out all Poppy fields
to stop the Drug-trade and shut down all O.R's in canada, then bomb every civila war nation to end refugees being created that flood into canada.

Typical Liberal leftists crap, if there was a leak in the bottom of a boat... a Liberal wouold drill a hole to let the water out.

Jen said...

If the oilsands was located in Quebec, the ndp, liberals and the fairy tale media would rejoice.

But since it(oilsands) is located on the soil of Alberta, the above gang are against the oilsands.

Elizabeth May and a few others who went to Copenhagen on gas/oil fuel jets, lambased their own country on pollution but remain silent to other countries that are far worse.
These people continue to use oil in their every day lives so far Elizabeth May has yet to prove her point she travels back and forth from BC to Ottawa on oil fueling running vehicle; she wears make-up, uses toothpaste, wear clothes eat foot..among the few which contains some form of grease and oil. Again, she hasn't proven her point by doing away with any form of oil and grease.
She is more greasy than the most of us who have to use oil on our daily lives.

It is about time to put the test on these people who have nothing to do with the oilsands.