Monday, November 28, 2011

Liberal MP Kirsty Duncan Scores On Own Net!

Loved watching Liberal MP Kirsty Duncan squirm on Power and Politics today, trying to dismiss the Liberal's abysmal record of ghg emissions under Chretien/Martin. When pressed about the numbers, Duncan claimed the Liberals never did anything because Kyoto was signed in 1997 but not ratified until 2004.

But wait, so the position of the Liberal Party was they would do nothing about emissions unless other countries agreed to? Wait, isn't that the exact position of the Conservative government? No agreement unless countries like the U.S, China, and India also agree to ghg emission cuts?

She shoots, she scores five hole on Bob Rae.

And some fun facts: Canada's greenhouse-gas emissions rose 25 per cent between 1990 and 2005, the biggest percentage increase among G8 countries over the same time period, according to new Statistics Canada figures released Tuesday.


oxygentax said...

Whose fault was it that kyoto was never passed for 8 years? It's not like they were a minority gov't during that time or anything.

paulsstuff said...

Exactly. A majority government for11 years and they never seemed to worried about the coming armageddon from global warming.

Bec said...

It wasn't until the Conservatives' got a minority that ANY network talked about Kyoto and the now the bs global warming.

There are conservatives that are still drinking the koolaid btw...most of them now in the AB govt.....and have 'progressive' in front of their party title.

When I heard that our Premier was tooting the horn of QB and ONT, never mentioning NFLD or another province, I was concerned. She's not my AB, period!

AS for the topic.....they NEVER look in the mirror and where is it? We are freezing to death!

Jen said...

Bad boy conservatives why didn't you bring in the kyoto which we (liberals signed onto in 1993 but ignored it; it is your fault not ours that you(cons) refuse the kyoto.

The same goes for Omar Khadr. he was arrested in 2001 or 2, remained in Gitmo all those years and when the conservatives came into power in 2006, it is their fault that he Omar K stills remains in Gitmo.
And the chorus media say " yeah, it is your (cons) fault,you are to blame for not following through on the Kyoto and not bringing back Omar. You are to blame for what the liberals didn't do."

We still wait for some reporter to lay it thich on the liberals once and for all. But no go not even from SNN.

Jen said...

Bec said...
It wasn't until the Conservatives' got a minority that ANY network talked about Kyoto and the now the bs global warming.

....or Omar Khadr or our troops or the natives.

What will happen if ever the ndpq/lib run the country, is the media planning to go back into a deep sleep for another few years.

Bec. we are lucky to have David R. and even Charles Adler