Sunday, November 13, 2011

National Newswatch Censors Story Critical Of Michael Moore

I admit to being a bit surprised to see National Newswatch actually having a link to an editorial critical of lefty Michael Moore, the guy who rallies against capitalism while counting his millions in his 10,000 square foot lakefront (summer) home. I wasn't the least bit surprised to see NNW pull the link to the story a short time after. For those who missed it here is a link to the actual story.

That's one monster of a home for a guy who thinks of himself as one of the little guys. Then again, it makes sense that someone with that big an ego would need that much space to put it in. Of course he might even be the biggest hypocrite on the planet. Wonder if his pal Al Gore drops by to roast marshmallows on the fire every now and then.

Update: NNW now has the story on the right hand bar. Well worth reading. The taxes on that summer home are almost $16000 for the summer season. To put it in perspective, that's slightly less than someone earning minimum wage in Ontario.


Anonymous said...

nice try....its on the right hand side now

wilson said...

Yah, it's slipped to the side.

How about Al Gores $9 million mansion!

wilson said...

Did you know that the David Suzuki foundation:
'...received donations from EnCana Corporation, a world leader in natural gas production and OIL SANDS development....'

They don't want our 'dirty oil',
but they sure like out 'dirty money' eh!

paulsstuff said...

It wasn't on the side when I posted this. I kept checking to see if it would reappear. Thanks for the info. 10,000 square feet would house quite a few of the 99%ers.

Anonymous said...

What i fond amazing about the visit by Sid Ryan to the Occupy Toronto anti- Corporate welfare and greedy banks is that the Public sector Union pension funds hold Shares for most of those Non-unionized banks because they are a For-Profit business .
Poor Sid, while his members gorge at the public trough and vacation in poverty stricken nations like Mexico and Communist Cuba with OUR tax dollars....Sid keeps pushing his Extorion-pyramid scheme on us Tax payers as he scams his unseful idiots in the Unions who actually belive that there is some Magic-Money machine canada and that in 25 years they will get a huge bag on money at the Apex of the Pyramid scam with a gold-plated pension and the best benefits for Life.
These Occupiers should have decamped and marched with Sid over to the biggest Corporate-Wefare pig on front street, the CBC that burns-up $1'200'000'000.00 a year
of tax-dollar while having the nerve to spit on the public when thet refuse to answer to question about spending.
This 9/11/2011 had the CBC do another Conspiracy inside job special that Bush and Chretien used NORAD to take-over 4 planes to replace them with Drones loaded with bombs to slaughetr 24 canadians among 3000 civilians.
The CBC supports the Khadr's, CAIR canada, Michael Moore , Fidel castro , hamas , hizbollah
and they call our Troops war-criminals.

paulsstuff said...

Ryan is a multi-time loser running for public office, in a union town named Oshawa at that. This guy is so far out there I foresee a room with padded walls in his future.

Jen said...

Paulstuff, there are many positions within the NDPQ for Sid Ryan.

Stranges thing is the protesters have no idea what they are protesting for. To me, they are just copycating the americans.

What the protesters should be protesting against countries that are dragging us down with them.

Do you really think that the americans would be protesting right now had their country have a sound banking system like Canada's or if they were constantly on the news as the no 1 country in world?
NO- definetely not.
Well canada has all those qualities an the protesters are protesting. What fools.

Wait until the NDPQ takes over canada and there is no jobs period what then, will the protesters plan to rejoice. IDIOTS.

paulsstuff said...

Seems like the protestors are a mixed up bunch. Canada has a stellar record in regards to it's economy, workforce, and social program support for those in need. These "occupiers" seem to think that the Greece model should be used.

Jen said...

That goes to show you paulstuff, how clueless the protesters are.
The globe is in a mess but we are relatively sound cant those fools have any pride to stand tall for their country instead of demonstrating their ignorance.

Man, other countries that are facing problems must be wondering if we are a bunch of sickos protesting and for what.