Sunday, December 18, 2011

Bob Rae Couldn't Do Math As Ontario Premier,

and apparently still can't. Rae today came out and blamed PM Stephen Harper and his government for the troubles plaguing Attawapiskat. The problem with Rae's thinking is the problems have been ongoing for years. Happened under Mulroney, continued under Chretien/Martin, and still are ongoing. By appointing a third-party the PM is actually the first leader to address the problems facing Attawapiskat, political correctness be damned.

But there is one major flaw in Rae's reasoning. You see, it wasn't till May of this year that Conservative's won a majority and control of the House. At any time from 2006 until May of 2011, Rae's Liberal's could have teamed up with the other looney left socialists, the Bloc and NDP, and either brought down the government or forced changes in the funding of Aboriginals simply by exercising their own majority in the House.

Then again, Rae is the same guy who thought 1+1 = 2 as Ontario Premier, yet somehow changed that formula to 1+1= -$40 billion. To put it in a better perspective, Bob Rae's credibility equals the sum of 0.


Anonymous said...

Oh hell, the Lyin' Liberals aren't about to let a few pertinent facts spoil another anti-Harper yarn. Can't tell the truth, too damaging to their narrative.


Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:

FWIW: One of the week-end news clips had boob bray blathering, while in the background sat a very large aircraft emblazoned with the logo for an outfit called Air Creebec.

Yup. From what I understand, the Northern Cree of Quebec apparently, since 1988, own and operate an extensive airline system handling much of the required air travel in the far north.Fleet of 17 aircraft, to boot!

They've got the $ and they know what to do with it. And yes! From what I understand,some of their tribe actually still live in tents in the snowed-in wilderness, tending their traplines and such.

I'm sure that the Cree wouldn't be balking at a 3rd party check-up.

Howcum no coverage on communities like this, living out their success stories, bridging two worlds?

BTW: Any pictures of what sort of "shanty" chief teresa sleeps in? Any coverage, whatsoever?

Howcum Charlie Angus hasn't said anything about this sort of unmitigated disaster in the previous 7 years of his tiome in office?

Howcum, for the past six years, the libranos and the dipsticks come up with a real doozer of a crisis, the two weeks before Christmas, T%he enabling media turn it into some frothy two-month feeding frenzy of thin grule, given that most "stories" are not new, not really "news," and, really not much more than partisan, mean-spirited and opportunistic "gotcha" crap.

t.e.& o.e.