Friday, October 28, 2011

33,908,000 Canadians Don't Support This Hour Has 22 Minutes...

A crap show with crap talentless comedians. To put it in perspective how absolutely pathetic and what a waste of money Walsh's salary really is to Canadian taxpayers, one needs only look at viewership numbers. In a country with a population estimated at 34,629,000 million people, 22 minutes manages to get 721,000 to stomach them. That's even more pathetic when one factors in CBC is on almost all cable and satellite carriers from cost to coast to coast.

To borrow a phrase commonly used by the usual suspects at the CBC whenever they think they need it to bash PM Stephen Harper, you know, the one that 60% of Canadians never voted for him, let's take that same lefty math formula and apply it to This Hour Has 22 Minutes.

22 Minutes isn't supported by roughly 97% of Canadians. It's amusing to see the comments at the CBC and Toronto Star, the ones asking how Rob Ford could not know who the Retarded Princess of Sag is. Well, judging by the numbers, there are roughly 33,908,000 Canadians in the same boat.

I for one would love to see what the salaries of Walsh and the other regulars on the show are. I'm guessing we aren't getting real bang for the buck. As for the incident with Mayor Rob Ford, if Rob is serious about getting rid of the wasted gravy dollars spent by governments, he might want to also push for the CBC to open his books. I'm guessing Toronto, as well as the other Canadian cities would welcome that $1.1 billion wasted on the CBC every year.

I mean really, you can be the biggest lefty socialist in Toronto, say Adam Vaughan. Could you really make an argument for spending on crap shows like 22 minutes over improving roads, parks, policing, etc?


NeilD said...

Rick Mercer, another CBC 'talent', is on a campaign to have every public personality who is a closet gay come out of the closet. He's using his television show to this end.
I personally am of the opinion that a person's sexuality is their own business and I don't want my tax dollars paying for a leftist gay comedian bullying other closet gays onto a path they've chosen not to go down.
Maybe Rick Mercer can use his own money to carry on with his rants.
I'm sick and tired of the CBC being the private national network for the Toronto elite and the money that we send them could be (should be) put to better use.

NeilD said...

One other thing, it would appear that his crusade to out everyone who is famous and gay is aimed at one Conservative cabinet minister in particular and that is just plain wrong no matter how you look at it.
Did he mount a similar crusade to out Scott Brison of the Liberals or has he done so with any other politician who is not Conservative??

Defund the CBC and let Rick Mercer fade into oblivion.

Bec said...

What does "This Hour has 22 Minutes" mean, anyway? Is it a metaphor for how the CBC functions?

22 minutes of work, every hour?

They are not fresh, there is nothing new, same garbage with the same overpaid cranks who use this Canadian tax funded mess as a personal soapbox.

It's gone to far so many times but this one has hit the journalistic sewer. They need to go. They are an embarrassment to an entire country and have been for decades.

Martin said...

A recent CBC P&P panel discussed the Mercer campaign, and I think most panelists more or less agreed.

It took Tom Flanagan to point out correctly, that ones sexual practices were essentially private, or at least should be.
I find it ironic that the sole conservative on the panel would be the one, quietly, to remind everyone of Pierre Trudeau's famous remark.

dmorris said...

I always watch a new TV show to see if it might have SOME entertainment value. Viewed several episodes of THH22 Mins,it had a few moments,but overall,simply was NOT funny,as a comedy show should be.

Same with Rick Mercer. His schtick,anti-Americanism, very quickly grew thin,then annoying,tiresome,and finally,boring.

Mercer's a one-trick pony,saw him at the Montreal Comedy Festival doing standup, more of the same old, 15 minutes of anti-American "jokes".

I am a taxpayer,and as such,have a right to know how much we are paying these second raters. The good ones left for the real world of showbiz,we're left with the dregs at CBC,and WE have to pay them!

Mr.Harper,order the CBC to post ALL the salaries of their employees on the internet,for all Canadians to see.

Platty said...

My nieces and nephews used to put on a little show for us all when we got together at Christmas time back in the day, that's what I am reminded of when I watch 22min, only difference being, my nieces and nephews made us laugh....


Frank said...

I find it hard to believe that 721,000 people watch 22 minutes ... no way!